Rehearsal for Last Concert

The chorus went to rehearse with Orchestra Filarmonica dei Navigli at their normal rehearsal place.

The orchestra was founded by the will of its members to make music together and to have fun doing it. This, at first sight may seem trivial, it embodies the anything but subtle difference between making a business out of duty, and doing an activity to derive pleasure and personal fulfillment.

The orchestra members do not pursue professional purposes, but spiritual. Each one comes with his own technical and cultural background and it does not matter the difference in ability. Therefore they  meet at different levels, from the graduated person to that one who started a few years ago the study of an instrument. All work together with the aim of improving the[r playing together and enjoying themselves in doing so.

It is an amateur orchestra  and therefore making profit is not its purpose. The orchestra  also has the desire to propagate music and musical culture as a whole, in addition to promoting the music for fun, sharing intentions and musical spirituality among its members.

More about the orchestra and a picture of Anchorage Concert Chorus can be found on their web page

Grant was working with the strings on his arrangement of Simple Gifts.  The strings were having a difficult time.  Grant said, “I don’t know if you know but this is my arrangement and it means a lot to me.  Puccini is dead, but I am still here.”  The chorus thought that was rather funny.  In the end they did a good job.

The village was more like a subdivision because there was not much there.  It was mostly houses.  We did find a bar where we got some water.  Von managed to find the lake where he came across a strange looking animal.  He showed me a picture and I told him it was a river rat or coypu.  Our guide said it was a porcupine.

There was a very quaint little church nearby that I did explore.

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