How You Know You Are a Sourdough!

Sitting on the couch as the house shakes, never looking up from what you are doing as you say to your husband, “I guess that was an earthquake.” He replies, “Yep”. No big deal just part of life in Alaska. The next morning you read in the paper that it was a 6.2 earthquake with the center in the Aleutian Chain. We forget up here when we see so much damage from smaller quakes that we are so spread out that it doesn’t really cause much damage to the cities and people. We are lucky in that way. I wonder if a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound when no one is there to hear it.

I did forget to tell you Monday that on our weigh-in I lost another 2 pounds. I checked my weight before my colonoscopy to see how full of shit I was. I was full of 3 pounds of shit, so if I would have weighed on Tuesday I would have been 5 pounds lighter.  I know I am sure I will fill back up, so glad I didn’t.

I watched my two beautiful granddaughters yesterday again. They are beginning to play with each other now. I still can’t get over how different twins can be because these two are from their size to their personalities.


Yes Kate is wearing boy clothes just because I think Dad is trying to make sure one of the girls will work on vehicles with him.  I hope ya’ll don’t get sick of me posting photos of my youngest grandchildren.

Well that was my day on Wednesday.  Hope your week is going as good as mine.

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