Greek Festival in Anchorage, Alaska

We didn’t get to go camping this weekend due to having too much to do at home.  We decided to go to the Greek Festival at Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church. It is held every year.  They have been doing this for many years and the money goes towards finishing their church. It is nice to see how much they got done from year to year. David has been going to the festival since they started building the church years ago.

It was once again a rainy day for the festival. People didn’t care they come for the wonderful Greek food, the children dancing, the music and to look at the church as it changes from year to year.

Here our their web pages you can check out.

This is such a big event in Anchorage that they hired the police to direct traffic and the parking attendants were great. David even went and let the information booth know how well he thought they were doing.

As we arrived in the pouring down rain I snapped a few photos on our way to find a lamb dinner.


What is really nice is that you just find a place to sit and make new friends or visit with some old ones. This year we sat with a couple of young ladies, then another older couple sat with us as we all talked.  It was wonderful and I found out about the Blueberry Festival in Girdwood.  I can’t wait to go next year.  I believe it might have been their first one.

We were very good as far as the food went and our Keto diet.  We had a lamb dinner with only lamb and a Greek salad.  We normally eat all the good stuff which is made with things we can’t have now are have to limit.  I did miss the wonderful sweets and savory delights but my health is more important I kept telling myself.  I had to save those carbs for the one beer I drank.

After eating we stayed for the children dancing.  The youngest one were so cute.


They all did so good.

Then the older children came on.  They were great too.


After the dancing we went to check out the church.


It was so beautiful. I believe they have someone come from Greece to do all the painting.

This was a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon, instead of staying in and watching a movie.



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