Where’s the Keto?

I remember that commercial years ago for Wendy’s. It has 3 old ladies in it and they are so funny. If you are too young to remember these commercials check them out on youtube here.

So in Module 8 Robb Wolfe talked about Ketos and Keto supplements. He says if you are in ketosis your levels should be 0.5 to 3.0. He doesn’t recommend the urine strips for testing because they are not as accurate as the blood test. It is just like taking your blood sugar if you are diabetic. He also states that after being on the Keto diet for years or maybe even month your level could be .4 to .6 range. Also, he said exercise can increase keto levels. You can check your levels regularly at first but after you are in ketosis you don’t need too as much.  You will know when you are in ketosis by the way you feel; more energy and less brain fog.

As far as the supplements go he mentions MCT oils, Keto salts and Keto esters.

MCTs may be helpful to help one transition to a fully ketogenic eating plan. But it’s important to note that if fat loss is a primary goal, one must eat at a caloric deficit, so supplementing with large amounts of MCT oil may not be a good option. One tablespoon of MCT oil taken at each meal is a reasonable dose that may improve ketone body levels while not providing so many calories that the body is not using stored fat for energy.

Once fully fat adapted most people do not need a boost in ketone levels to feel good while training, but some do notice improvements in energy and especially mental focus.

Using MCTs is a fairly individual decision. They can be helpful in certain situations but should be used with caution.

Ketone salts MAY help spontaneously reduce caloric intake and they may offer some benefits during the shift towards a keto way of eating. But the best fat loss results and health benefits are derived by teaching our bodies to make the ketones we need from stored body fat to get us to our desired level of leanness.

Ketone esters Although not widely commercially available, ketone esters can bring ketones to quite high levels in a brief period of time. This may have great application for certain neurodegenerative diseases, deep-sea divers who are prone to oxygen toxicity, and possibly elite athletes looking for a performance edge.

Robb also states at the end of this lesson: This is all important and exciting stuff, but ketone esters, like ketone salts and MCTs, will not magically transform one into a “fat burning machine.” A properly formulated ketogenic diet will do this, supplements alone will not.

You have to make up your own mind on what you want to do when it comes to your supplements. I am going to use the MCT oil. Robb said you could have as much as 1 tablespoon at each meal. I don’t think I will go that far but who knows we will just have to see.

What supplements are you using? Leave a comment and let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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6 thoughts on “Where’s the Keto?”

  1. I just use plain old unrefined, organic coconut oil…like every. Single. Day in my coffee, or now in my tea too (only hot tea) it has MCT in it already. I take a probiotic and if I could be so forward, a stool softener as well. I also take cranberry pills and biotin.

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  3. I use the MCT oil in my morning coffee, and I add it to salad dressing..by adding it to my dressing, I don’t feel “cheated” when doling out my 2 tablespoons..lol

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