OH NO, Not Exercise!

In module 10 of the Master Keto class it is about what exercises you should do everyday.  I am doing good to walk because my feet hurt so much.  That is until I get them fixed.  I have to go take care of my daughter, Sarah, in Gig Harbor, Washington next month after her foot surgery.  I will see how she does then maybe I will go get mine done.

I know that exercise is needed and do understand that we need some strength exercise.  I will follow Robb Wolfe exercise plan as close as I can get to it.  I do not belong to a gym because I am terrible about going, so it is just a waste of money for me.  I never know what I am going to do day-to-day because everything changes all the time.

Okay back to the class.  There was a movement cheat sheet which stated; move more, don’t skip strength training, find an activity you love, recruit a friend, and start at your own pace. I do try to park farther out in the parking lot and take extra steps working around the house. Strength training is going to be the hardest for me. I need to get some weights which will help. I used to do Tai Chi and really like it.  I know there is a video on Netflix that is the kind I used to do.  I need to put that on my checklist, so I will do it a few times a week. Recruit a friend well that would be David. I will try to take it slow.  That is the hardest thing for me to do.

The next cheat sheet is the Exercise Matrix.  I am going to try that but I will have to pick and choose to see what works for me.  All I can do it try.

These are the three areas that I am supposed to work on as stated in the other cheat sheet.

Strength training: Strength work could be lifting weights, doing an online gymnastics program like Gymnastics Bodies (which also has a built-in mobility piece), or one of dozens of online calisthenics programs available for free or a nominal fee online. I’ve lifted weights since I was 13 so I find the whole process pretty tedious and boring these days, so I do two weights sessions per week and each one takes me less than 20 minutes to complete. I do this to age better, to injury-proof myself and, well…I look better naked. If you love lifting weights, get after it. But even if you really do not enjoy the process much, you could get a set of powerblocks—an adjustable load dumbbell system—or find a good calisthenics program and just devote a bit of time each week to it.

Mobility work: Mobility is a bit of a vague term in many circles but I think most people get the idea. If one is mobile, they can do a lot of things, easily and without getting hurt. I tweaked my back about 15 years ago and when it was cranky, I moved around like an old man. I don’t like that look or feel, so I put in mobility work throughout my day. Again, the Gymnastics Bodies program really shines in this regard as one works through a progression of both strength and mobility.

Endurance training: Endurance can mean a lot of different things to folks. If you’re a competitive runner it means having the technique, efficiency, and engine to do well at both your training and competitive events. For me (doing old guy Brazilian jiu jitsu), I need a special mixed kind of endurance that includes the ability to go quite explosively, while recovering by moving at a slower pace

Sorry I had to take a break so I could go get my boobs smashed.  I hate getting old because we have to get all these test done now.  They had a hard time catching for my first colonoscopy.  They say you have to be 50. I was 61.  Now they love giving them to me.  I went in for my first one, then a year later, then 3 months later and the last one a year later.  My doctor keeps telling me, “You know why you are here?” I reply, “Yes to keep from getting cancer”. Just because they found one pre cancer polyp. I can say I have a tatoo inside me which is kind of cool.  Then there are all the blood test to check your A1C, to make sure the hepatitis C has not come back, and to make sure that my kidney and liver function is good.  I guess I can’t complain too much because I am pretty healthy for my age.  Any way back to what we were talking about.

This module also came with a 45 day workout plan to follow. I plan to print that out and follow it as close as possible.  I will let you know how I do with that.

What kind of exercise routine to you follow?  Let me know so I can get some more ideas. There are some things I just can’t do because of my two new knees and the fusion in my back.

Wish me luck!



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