What is a Plateau?

No I don’t mean high flat ground. What I mean is a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress. This is what Module 12 is about; troubleshooting.

First off what you should do is retake your measurements because sometimes we may lose inches and not pounds.  You could try on those pants that were just a little tight.

Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Are you eating to close to bedtime?
  • Exercising late in the day?
  • Overdoing on the nuts and nut flower?
  • Are you snacking and eating between meals?
  • How much booze are you drinking?
  • What about dairy?
  • Are you really tracking your macros?
  • Have you been stressed?
  • How are you sleeping?
  • Are eating too many calories or too few?

Some of these can be taken care of very easily. I will attempt to answer the questions like Robb Wolfe did in the Module.

  • Try not to eat 3 hours before bed. If you are like us sometimes this is hard because of our schedule on some nights.  Try to stay as close as possible.
  • Some people will I find that exercising at night will wind them up or give them too much energy to fall asleep.   I usually do exercise in the morning because it seems to get me going. Just try different times of day to see what works for you.
  • It is very easy to overdo the nuts and nut flower. Now I don’t eat popcorn I think I can just sit and eat nuts instead. NO! NO! NO! Nuts are fine when measured out and counted on our intake.  He suggested measuring them out and putting them in bags.  I think this is a good idea and plan to do this. Also, there are some great recipes out there using nut flour, so make sure you don’t overdo.
  • One of the things that the Keto diet does it cause you not to feel hungry. If you are eating between meals, are you eating just to eat or are you hungry.  In the beginning you might need to get into ketosis.
  • Have you been drinking a little more? You may need to cut it out completely until you get back on track. Then I would say introduce it again slowly.
  • Dairy can effect different people differently.  You can try cutting it out and see what happens.
  • MAKE SURE TO TRACK YOUR MACROS! This is very important and there are many apps you can find for this. I am using Cronometer and I do like it.
  • Think about your life is there something bothering you. I could be work, home or money. It there is something try to do something to make it less stressful.  You can meditate, listen to music or go for a peaceful walk. Then just relax your mind and let it go.  You will feel so much better.
  • Have you been sleeping good? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you having trouble falling asleep? These are all questions you should ask yourself. If you need a little help you can take something like magnesium or melatonin. Maybe listen to some soft music or read: that usually puts me to sleep.
  • The last answer has to do with calories. We still have to watch them.  So then we say have we been going a little overboard with the nuts? The things we are eating now do have calories and we do have to watch.  Then on the other hand have you been eating enough because that can be just as bad, not getting enough calories. Keto diet can make you feel like you aren’t hungry.

Well that was about it for Module 12. Only one more to go and I will be finished with the course.  I have learned quite a bit. I hope you have too.

If anyone out there has any other tips please comment below. Thanks.

Have a wonderful day!



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4 thoughts on “What is a Plateau?”

  1. Thank you very much for posting this! I am just getting started, but I know I will plateau at some point. What are the Modules that you are referencing?

    1. I have been taking a class called Keto Masterclass by Robb Wolfe. I have blogged on each module that I have done. I am just starting too and looking for all the help I can get.

      1. Thank you for responding, olehippies! Is this a free class? I am on day Day 5 and down 6 pounds. Feeling very excited and motivated!

  2. No I think it was like $50. I was just trying to learn more. I am doing the life change but probably not totally right and that is why I was taking the class. I did learn some more but most of the stuff you can find free anyway.

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