Finished Keto Masterclass

I do have to say that I did get tons of worksheets and recipes for the diet.  There is a 45 day course I can follow. I am just trying to decide if I should try to follow it now before I go down to Gig Harbor to take care of my daughter after her foot surgery.  I know that I will be taking care of 3 of my granddaughters; getting their breakfast, getting them off to school, taking and picking up at bus stop, cooking dinner for family and anything else my daughter, Sarah, needs me to do.

Robb Wolfe also talked about KetoGains where you can find tons of information, blogs, Q&A, and all kinds of stuff. Check them out here and let me know what you think about them

They also have a facebook page you can join.

I keep leaning towards starting it on Tuesday after our long weekend.  Then maybe I will have enough time under my belt to not screw it up.

What do ya’ll think? Leave a note in my comments and lets see if I start now or if I start the beginning of October when I get back?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Finished Keto Masterclass”

  1. I say, start when you are feeling the most motivated! If you already know it is going to be a challenging weekend to get started, why not start when you’ll be able to have the most focus on your health. Wishing you luck!

      1. Nothing wrong with that! I’m starting today too, I’m starting weight watchers online today! Trying to get steps and drink lots of water today…😊

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