Alaska State Fair

What did you do for Labor Day weekend? We started our weekend Saturday at our State Fair with family.  As you walk in the Red Gate you notice all the flowers on the left


Then where else would you put a wine bar but in a churchDSC_0287

Then we found our little granddaughters, Becca and Kate.


Then it was off to see the dinosaurs.  They were amazing to watch move.

Then off to look at the quilts.  They had so much work in them and the designs were unbelievable.

While Mom and Dad went for a simulated flight we went to see some other things.

The girls and I went to go look at some other things like people on bungee ride and guys doing tricks on bikes and scooters.

Next it was off to the tractor pull which the girls loved.

We looked at more flowers.


Heather and I really like this piece of furniture.DSC_0297

We then said good-bye to the state fair until next year.  We headed to our separate vehicles to head to Montana Creek Campground about an hour drive.  We jump in our truck. David put the key in and turns. NOTHING! Tries again and once again NOTHING! Why is our battery dead? Where are the jumper cables?  Oh yea, in the camper hiding behind the firewood.  Before we dig it out we ask several people but no on had cables. We dig out the cables and decide we will just jump it with the generator. The key won’t open the door to where it is stored.  Then a nice guy drove his truck over to give us a jump.  The truck once started David notices that the lights are still on.  Note to self always ask David if lights are off on truck when stopped.

Then we get to camp and tell Dan what happens. He takes the key and opens the door.  Boy did we feel like a couple of dummies!

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