Labor Day Camping

This is the last three day weekend before we have to take the camper off the truck for the year.  We will probably get another camping trip in for sure but not sure after that.

We had a great time with the kids and granddaughters.

We were good and ate our Keto pancakes.DSC_0348

We all went for a walk after breakfast.

The kids were getting fussy, so the kids went back to camp.  David and I continued on across the railway and had a picnic.

We saw what we think was a Red-breasted Merganser swim by.DSC_0379DSC_0378

The only wildlife we saw.

David and I picked our way back to camp.  I stopped to take some photos of the highbush cranberries and mushrooms.

The next morning after the kids left we walked across the road to see what was over there.  We picked berries for a little while longer.


We ended up with 3 gallons of highbush cranberries.DSC_0403

Next year we will go to the fair the weekend before, so we can spend the whole weekend camping and picking berries.

I hope ya’ll had a great Labor Day too.

Author: olehippies

I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

7 thoughts on “Labor Day Camping”

  1. Oooh, are those cranberries edible and do they taste like regular cranberries? Your pancakes look wonderful! I made some blueberry keto pancakes one time, I need to stop being lazy and make some more. Love all your pictures!

    1. Yes they are. They are very tart with a big seed in the middle. I make cranberry catsup, cranberry apple butter, cranberry liquor and cranberry jelly.

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