Rude or Not?

Is it rude if someone takes a seat you were sitting in without asking if it is all right?  I will explain this more as if you care to read on.Yesterday we were at choir practice before church.  We were having a special guest, Faith Rivera, so changes were made as far as where we sat. We had gotten there early because David straightens the chairs and I water the plants.  I went and put my stuff on the chair I planned to sit on.  Then I was asked to pull music, so the plants didn’t get watered right away.  My best friend, Judy, who I always sit next too sat next to me.  When I got back from watering I went to sit and my stuff had been moved. This guy tells Judy I want to sit next to you.  He could have sat on the other side of her.  He moves my stuff without even asking me if it is all right.  This I think was very rude and it really bothered me. I know that a lot of the younger generation doesn’t have the manners that we were brought up with but usually someone of the older generation does.  I would have never done such a thing without asking if it was all right.  I would have given him the seat if he would have asked but he didn’t.  He is an arrogant man who I have noticed before but I have just ignored it.  My problem is that when something bothers me or stresses me out if makes my fibromyalgia act up, which is what happens Sunday. The way  I usually handle this is by avoiding people who stress me out or aggravate me.  This is hard to do when this man is in the choir with us.  I did mention to him that I had picked the chair for a reason but he didn’t even reply.

I am not dazed and confused.  Just writing this blog makes my fibro act up.  I don’t mean to sound like a whiner, but I usually can handle these things fine by not putting myself in these situations.  This is different though because it is either quit the choir and maybe even stop going to David’s church just to avoid this situation.

If you have any ideas please let me know.  Leave a comment.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

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