Sometimes You Just Have to Feel Sorry for Them

My youngest son, Dusty, is 34 years old has not had a license for over 5 years.  He lost it because of a DUI in his 20’s. He has moved to Anchorage and lives with us now.  He needs his license so he can get to work with all his tools.I know that he has caused all these problems to himself, but when you see them try so hard and everything just keeps going wrong you feel sorry for them.  He had to buy a truck which he paid $800. It needed some work but he son is good at that.  He then worked and got his insurance got the breathalyzer installed into the truck, passed his written test and now all he needs is to pass the driving part.  The first time one of the headlights wasn’t working. Second time his dimmer switch was rusted tight, so it didn’t work and the horn didn’t work.  The people he went to the first time never checked the horn, so we had no idea it didn’t work. He came home and fixed the horn, put a new dimmer switch in, fixed the blinker so you didn’t have to hold it on and he even put a new motor for the window on the passenger side.  He checked and said he fixed everything he could think of to fix.  The third time we had to go to the dump first to empty the truck. He was looking for a shovel and there on the ground was a finishing nailer.  Dusty had just told me he need one.  I think this is his day. He or should I say the truck will pass the driving test.  We get there early.  Dusty says I want to check the lights one more time.  We have no brake lights.  He looks and finds that the fuse is blown.  So I go to start it and the battery is dead.  He did need a new one but was hoping that he could have waited a little longer.  He walks across the street to Fred Meyer to see if they have batteries.  No luck, but they do have the fuses.  We get one of the instructors to jump us and drive to Costco to get a battery.  Then we notice the fuse is blown again.  Every time he puts one in it blows, so he pulls a 30amp one from something else.  It works.  We are only 5 minutes late for his driving test.  The truck passes and off they go.  He passes the parallel parking, back up and emergency stop.  They are off on the road now.  Halfway through the truck starts running so bad the instructor says I don’t think this is safe and stops the test.  He gets back and puts the 30 amp back where it was and it runs great. Once again the poor kid is working on his truck, so it will pass.

Would you feel sorry for him? I know I sure do!

Author: olehippies

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  1. Hope his luck starts changing! My younger brother struggled with alcohol addiction for most of his 20’s. He always seemed to have the worst luck too.

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