Knik River

Hoping it isn’t the last camping trip for the year. The weather has been so nice we are still camping.  We are not taking the camper off of the truck yet. I will be gone for a couple of weeks but we are hoping that me may be able to get a couple more trips in before the snow when I get back.  We are having an Indian Summer and really enjoying it.

We loaded up as soon as David and Dusty got home from work and off we went.  Heather, Dan and the babies were meeting us at Knik River.

When we arrived at Knik River we found a place to camp.  I was sitting watching David get the campfire ready to start and noticed all the beautiful colors in the mountains.

We enjoyed watching the planes fly over and could see the bridge that the kids had to cross to get to us.

The kids arrived just as the sun was going down.

As David got the fire going, dinner cooking and Dan got the trailer ready

Heather and I decided to go watch the sun set.

As we were sitting around the fire noticed that I had left the light on in the camper.  Thought it would make a good photo. What do you think?DSC_0426

The next morning we watched and helped Dan figure out a safe and secure way to take the babies for a ride on the 6 wheeler.  After quite a while and all of us check to make sure it was secure.  It is time to give it a try.

The girls think this is pretty cool. So the kids get ready to go for a family ride. While David and I decide to go walk across the Old Glen Highway bridge.DSC_0434.jpgDSC_0438DSC_0439DSC_0440

I got some nice landscape photos while on the bridge.

Among all the graffiti on the bridge from every part of your body being licked and Jane love Dick, I wonder how many of those are still together.  I found some quotes I likedDSC_0445DSC_0444


We then started our walk across where only the wise go.DSC_0446

Thought this was just kind of cool looking. Do you?DSC_0449

I just loved the color of this tree.DSC_0453

We then headed back to camp.DSC_0457

As we were sitting enjoying the sunny day a show began.  All of a sudden all these motorized parachute’s came flying in.  It was a great show to watch.  There was a plane with them too.  I am not sure if they were learning or experienced.  We just enjoyed them.

The kids got back from their family outing.  The adults were wet due to the fact that they had got suck crossing a river.  The girls were just having fun.

The clouds were moving in over the mountains.

We hung out by the fire the rest of the afternoon, so some people could dry out.

The sunset was not as spectacular as the night before but still very nice.

We just hung out by the fire after our dinner of pork chops and salad.DSC_0492

Well after we go up, had coffee and breakfast we started to slowly get ready to head home. One last look at the riverDSC_0495DSC_0496DSC_0498

Dusty still needs to pack up his tent.DSC_0503Empty chairs by a dead campfire.DSC_0502

Double checking that all garbage is picked up before we leave.  We load up in the truck and we say good-bye to Knik River.







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  1. Absolutely amazing photos!! I love the sunset over the river with those clouds. The bridge is really cool too, but those babies on the 4-wheeler… too cool. Those are some lucky babies!

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