They are Always Your Baby

My oldest son has been going through a hard time lately.  I called him and had been drinking.  Of course, that may him tell me how he was feeling like no one cared about him.  Well that scared me so I caught a ride with a friend down to his house in Sterling on the Kenai Peninsula.  I didn’t go until the next day because it was late when I had talked to him the night before. Of course, he was just fine when I got there.  It does show that just because they are a big, tough looking mountain man they still hurt.  He was hurting.  I understood. I was there just to let him know he was still my baby, my first-born, my little man even at 6’3″.

He was just leaving for work, so I headed over to my friend’s house to hang out with her. I  had so much fun with Neese.  We drank quite a bit of beer at night.  Stayed up all night talking like a couple of young girls.  It was a blast.  Of course, it took me days to catch up on my sleep.  One day we walked around her yard and I took these photos.


I spent my days at Neese’s, my evenings with Jared’s, and my nights back at Neese’s.  I am so glad that I went down. Jared and I had long talks which I think helped him and me.  I think he is making some good decisions about what he is going to do next in his life.  I feel better now too. I know now that he will get over this and move on.

Just remember they are always our babies no matter how old they are.  Also, don’t scare your Mom or she will show up on your porch unexpected.



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