A Day That Won’t Be Forgotten

Saturday, October 20th, was our second anniversary.  David tells me last week, “I have a 3 day weekend. Do you want to go camping for our anniversary? ” I reply, “Hell Yes!”  Please excuse my language but I was that excited.

We usually have snow by now and the camping is over for the year.  The weather has been so nice we decided to head out.  David wanted to talk to a blacksmith in Palmer about a fire tool he wanted him to make.  We found his place but he was gone for the day.  We decided to drive around to look for some place to have a nice dinner on Saturday night.We decided to head towards Hatcher’s Pass.  You can find out about it here: http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/units/hatcherpass/hatcherpass.htm

The pass was closed, so we stopped not far from Independence Mine.


We stopped at this nice park that was closed on the way up. I even found a few highbush cranberries hanging on.

As we headed up I could see we were heading towards the little bit of termination dust we have.  We found a place to camp just below Independence Mine. It was just a parking lot but it was quiet and empty.DSC_0650

It started raining and the wind was really blowing, so there was no campfire.  We stayed inside and played games.   I cook dinner on the stove and we had a great time.  It was the quietest place I had been in a long time.  We both loved it.

The next morning we woke up to guess what


Two years ago as we left our wedding reception it started to snow.  They next morning we woke up to our first snow of the year.  This was a day early but I am taking it as one of the wonders we receive during our life time.

When the sun was up we went for a walk in the hills for a little bit.


We were going to go back and camp at the Knik River the second night.  David went to start the truck and it wouldn’t start.  We pulled the generator out and jumped the truck letting it run for a long time before we headed back down.

We went to talk to the blacksmith again, calling first so he knew we were coming.  When we went to leave the truck wouldn’t start.  He gave us a jump.  We headed out once again, making another stop and guess what happened.  You are right if you guessed the truck wouldn’t start.  We decided that when we got it started we better head home.  Someone gave us a jump and home we headed.

All in all it was still a lot of fun.  We went out to eat at a very nice seafood restaurant.  For some reason we were supposed to come home, so we did.

Sunday I went out and thought I would try the truck before I put the charger on it.  The truck started right up.  I had disconnected the battery in the camper, so thinking that fixed it I was totally happy.  Then this morning I was getting ready to go to Eagle River to babysit the twins when I went to leave I jumped in the truck turned the key and ………that’s right it is dead again.  I guess my son will have to take a look at it.  That might be why we needed to get back, so it wouldn’t break down on us in the middle of nowhere.

This will be an anniversary that we will never forget.  We both had a great time just spending time together.cropped-DSC_0692.jpg

I think I am kind of like this cranberry.  I will always be hanging with you, David. I can see your reflection in everything I see because I love you so much.

Have a blessed day!




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