Camping in Seward, Alaska

We were going to Seward last weekend but it was flooded.  We made it this weekend and I finally got all my photos uploaded.

Friday when we got there it was stormy.

We camped on Resurrection Bay.We just hung out in the camper playing cards and listening to the rain.  These are some photos I took out of the back door of our camper.

I cooked dinner in the camper which we enjoyed with a nice beer and watched the rain fall.

The next morning we got up and I made pancakes.  The rain had stopped and we took Alice for a walk.  Which she really enjoyed.

I found a lot of things to take a photo of on our walk along the beach.

I also got some nice scenery photos.

Seward is a fishing town, so you will see some boats in my photos.

We decided to walk to the Sea Life Center.

We stopped and watched the otter play for a while.DSC_0832

There are some nice benches where you can sit and look out over Resurrection Bay.  This is also where the 1925 serum run to Nome started.  You can find out more about this here:

This is where the Iditarod started.

We then went to the Sea Life Center.

We walked back to our campsite and decided we would have a fire and sit out.


We sat by the fire and watched a seal playing near the shore.  We also saw some eagles flying over head.  I did not get any good photos because I had the wrong lens, but I think David got some good ones on his.  I will have to check.

We did manage to get our food somewhat cooked before another storm came in.  I say somewhat because the lamb chops were pretty raw and the loaded cauliflower was still cold.  David did have to fight with the fire to get it going.  The wood was dry but the ground wasn’t.

After dinner was more games and then off to bed to read.  The camper was really rocking, now get your head out of the gutter, it was the wind not us.  David said it reminded him of sleeping on the boat when he used to commercial fish.


The fishing boat was still going out no matter how bad the weather.

We said good-bye to Seward.DSC_0860

As we were heading up through Turnagain Pass we got into some snow.

We ran into some road work too.  They are really trying to get some stuff done before they have to quit for the season.

No matter what the weather I always have a great time with the love of my life, David.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the photos.  What did you do last weekend?



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