Halloween with Twins

I know that you probably get tired of looking at photos of my beautiful granddaughters but here I go again.  Oh yea, all my kids, well except the oldest, will be home for Christmas that means photos of more grandchildren so look out.

This was the girls first Halloween.  I had to go out to the kids house to babysit, so Heather decided I should stay to take the girls out for their first Halloween.  They are getting so big.

While babysitting the girls showed me how good they can make their bouncers go.

Before costumes Grandma decided to give them their first bath in the big tub.  They really enjoyed this.IMG_20181031_113416

Then it was time for me to get their costumes onI managed to get them dressed even with them rolling all over the place and trying to escape.

We went to the Eagle River Seniors.  It was a lot of fun.  Becca got her photo taken with another bee and the bee keeper.DSC_0958

Mommy and Daddy wanted their photos taken with their little bumble bee and lady bug.DSC_0960

The next day when Mommy came to pick them up she stopped to read them their new book grandma had bought them.DSC_0964

All and all we had a great first Halloween with Becca and Kate.  I don’t think they really cared but Mom and Dad did get some candy out of the deal.  Grandma was good and stayed away from that.

I hope all of you got to enjoy all the little trick and treaters.  Tell me what was the best costume you saw.

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