Shake, Rattle and Roll

I was looking out my window before dawn and noticed a cow moose and her calf in my front yard, so I went downstairs and out in the cold to take a few photos.

I was standing on the porch when I took these photos.

I then returned upstairs and was talking to my son in Florida as I watched the moose in the yard.  I saw the calf walk out of our front yard and head a little way down our road while Mom watched.  I then told my son we were having an earthquake but no big deal because we have them all the time. I then saw the cow run one way as her calf ran the other.  The house started to sway back and forth as I sat on the floor and held Alice, my dog.  My son, Jared is yelling at me to get out of the house because he can hear things breaking in the background.  I am yelling and asking him what to do.  He tells me to get outside.  Well the power was off so Alice and I made it down the stairs.  Luckily, my son, Dusty left a pair of boots by the door.  I slipped them on and grabbed my coat.  All my neighbors were outside too.  We stood there waiting for the aftershock.  Then everyone started to go in and look at the damage.  We were lucky we only had a lot of breakage.


I was worried about David because he was out in his school bus.  It became later and later still no word.  Then he got a message to our son in law, Dan, because for some reason he could not get through to me.  He was loading his last children on the bus when the earthquake hit.  He then drove to the elementary school to drop off his kids.  So he goes to the first school and drops off his one student.  Then gets to the second school where he drops off his other 3 students.  It is now 8:50 and he is told to stay there until further instructions.  He finally left around 1.  He was home around 2.

Sunrise came and I could start the clean up.DSC_0131

We were lucky our power was back on before David made it home.

After things settled down Momma moose and her baby were back.  The whole neighborhood was out taking photos of them in our yard.


I am so glad that they found each other again.

I am happy that my family is all safe.  We are still getting aftershocks but hope there is no another quake.  This was the worst one since The Good Friday Earthquake in 1964.

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    1. Yes there was no deaths or injuries in the area just structural damage and some road damage. We were all very lucky.

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