Christmas Craziness!

Are you going crazy trying to get ready for Christmas?  I know I am.  This will be the first year since the kids all left home that we are all going to be together, well except for the oldest.  That makes 4 children, 2 son in laws, 1 daughter in law, 2 grandsons, 6 granddaughters, my oldest daughter’s in laws and her brother in law and my oldest grandson’s girlfriend.  I believe that comes to 19.  What a wonderful Christmas we will have, but getting ready is the hard part. I have been knocking out my checklist but still have more to do before the 19th when the kids and grandkids from Washington get here.  I have been cleaning the house and getting in groceries.  I will be cooking some Keto things for Christmas for David, Sarah and me.

My main problem is what to buy the grandkids.  I have asked the parents what to get them and they told me things I had never heard of.  I did decide to get all the younger grandkids camel backpacks.  Their parents take them hiking all the time.

Then of course there was the toys for the twins.

Then who expected heely’s to come back.  I guess they are all the rage now.

It was hard to find all the sizes that I need but I finally got it.

What is a LOL doll?  Well I found out because all the girls wanted one.

All this money and you don’t even know what you are getting.  They come in all sizes.  I guess I will see what it is when they open them on Christmas.

Then there is always the baby doll that eats and poops.  Really, didn’t we get enough of that when our children were babies.  Now I change my twin granddaughters and that is enough.  I sure don’t want to change a doll but I guess my granddaughters do. I did not have to get these because they have them.  They saved their money to buy diapers.  I think I could have thought of something better to spend my money one.

This I found very interesting but none of the kids asked for it. Now this I think would be fun.

Well I can’t tell you what I got for my adult children because they read my blog.

I hope ya’ll are all done with your shopping.  Tell me about your shopping experience.  I do find it all worth it just to have my family together for Christmas.  I think this will be my best Christmas in years.  I hope your family will be together too.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Craziness!”

    1. What a full house you will have! Well, I guess we will too-maybe 15 or so. I hate when they either don’t tell you what they want, or give you impossible things to find! I decided not to stress too much about it this year, and then in the end I did some shopping on line and went to the stores for the rest. Not sure which stores you have locally, but we have a store called Five Below and everything in there is $5 or less! Target and Walmart are also great choices if you don’t want to go to the mall. I did have to go to one store in the mall-I have Grown kids that like Nighmare Before Christmas stuff and they sell that at Spencer’s in the mall. (It’s expensive!!!) Anyway, I hope your Christmas is filled with joy and yall make many memories to savor all year long! Merry Christmas!!

      1. 15 or so it a big crowd and it sounds like you will have a great time. yes, we have all the same stores around us although 5 below gets so crowded around this time it is hard to even get through the store. 🙂 it is a very popular place. Thank goodness i am pretty much done, but like you i try to keep it low key. May your day be blessed and give you a smile! 🙂

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