1000 Days

My husband, David, told me that he was taking me out last night.  He said we were going to dinner and movie.  He also said it was a milestone we were celebrating.  Now he had me wracking my brain for a milestone in our relationship.

After he got home from work off we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant. I am still trying to figure out what we are celebrating. We ordered a beer and as we were getting ready to toast, David says we have known each other for 1000 days.  Who’s husband remembers something like that.  I didn’t even know it.  He is so romantic.  We had a wonderful dinner.

We went to see Mule with Clint Eastwood.  We enjoyed that too.  It was kind of sad though when you think about the things older people have to do to survive.

Has anyone else had their husband or partner come up with a different kind of celebration?  If so, tell me about it.

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I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

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