Cypress Knee Santa

Yesterday we received a package from my parents.  It was a Santa my Dad carved out of a Cypress Knee.

Want to know what a Cypress knee is?  Well continue reading to find outA cypress knee is a distinctive structure forming above the roots of a cypress tree of any of various species of the subfamily Taxodioideae. Their function is unknown, but they are generally seen on trees growing in swamps. Some scientists have thought they may help in oxygenation to the tree’s roots or assist in anchoring the tree in the soft, muddy soil.

Anyway my Dad has been carving forever and does beautiful work.  My Mom does all the painting of his carvings.  They are 90 years old now and still live in the family home, but they are on a list to move into a Retirement Apartments.  They have started to downsize a little and had 3 Cypress knee Santa’s.  Mom did a lot of thinking on who would get which one.  They were giving one to each of the kids.  This is the one that I got


I took this with my phone and it does not do it justice.

Anyway I love my Santa.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Do your parents have any interesting hobbies?  If so share it with us.

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6 thoughts on “Cypress Knee Santa”

  1. that is a beautiful santa!
    my dad is a woodworker and i am blessed to have several pieces of furniture that he made for me.
    thank you for sharing. bless you both!

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