Catch That Grease

I found the most amazing things to stop the grease from splattering all over my stove.They are called Frywall Splatter Guard and I found them on Amazon.  You have got to try them.  I love them so far.

These work so much better than the old screen that we have all used at one time or another.  I like these because you don’t have to keep taking it on and off as you cook.  Also, there is no grease at all on the stove.  I do need to not get so carried away with my seasonings because that is on the stove.

I have been slowly trying to do some decorating in the kitchen and needed some way to store my Frywall, so I wouldn’t forget to use it.  I had an old coffee can that all three would fit in and I could place next to the stove.  This is how that turned out.


I am very happy with this new storage idea I came up with. I knew there was a reason I had saved all those coffee cans.  With just a little leftover paint from my accent wall in the kitchen and some decals I came up with a new storage idea.

What have you done with coffee cans?  Have you ever used the Frywall Splatter Guard?  Let me know your answers.

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