Road Tripping

I know it has been a long time since I have gotten time to blog, but life has been very busy. I have spent time taking care of grandkids, cleaning apartments so Dan, my son in law, get them rented, and getting the front yard ready for summer and tons of other things but I am back now.

We finally got the call we had been waiting for. My 90 year old parents have moved out of the family home and into a retirement home, so it is time for us to go to Texas to help Dina, my sister, and Kenneth, my brother, get the house emptied and ready to sell. We decided to drive down.

Can we say road trip. We left Anchorage, Alaska at 9:00am. David topped the car off with gas and off we left on a rainy day. The rain stopped not long after we left and day turned out beautiful. Three hours out I remembered I forgot our passports. I start to panic but then I think I will call our son Dusty and he can fedex it to Calgary, Canada to a fedex store. Then we can get them before we cross into the US. Thinking we could still get into Canada with just our driver’s license. We get to Glenallen where I won’t loose phone service and while eating lunch at Ernesto’s, which was Caribou forever, at 12:30 where I took care of my problem.

On we continue all happy on a beautiful day. We saw a small herd of caribou crossing the road on the Tok Cutoff. Yes that is what the road is called. They were clearing along side of the road and you could smell the spruce in the air. It smelled like Christmas in April.

We made it to Tok at 3:20pm where we gassed up or pick up some snacks at Three Bears. Then off to the Canadian border.

We arrived at the Beaver Creek Canadian Customs handed the guard our drivers license and then the trouble began. The man says why don’t you have your passports. We explained they I had forgot them, my son had fedexed them to Calgary for us to pick up. He was I don’t understand why you sent them so far. I replied well I thought that we could get in here with just our license. He explained that it has been over 20 years since that had change. He tells us to come in again. I just said and prayer while David parked the car. Some day I will make it through the border without having to go in to customs. He talks to us more and asks if we have our birth certificates. The whole time he is telling us he is going to turn us around. I am now thinking that we are going back to Tok and have to wait for Dusty to send us our birth certificates. We tell him we did come through Canada two years ago on vacation. Luckily, I had changed my name on my passport by then. He managed to find our passport numbers and told us not to forget them again then let us into Canada. I can tell you that this man went over and beyond his duty. Also, my prayer was answered.

We jumped in the car before they could change their minds. I felt so full by having my prayer answered it was wonderful. We had to stop in Haines Junction to get gas and David said lets just stop for the night here. It was 9pm our time or was it Canadian time can’t remember. We got a room at Kluane Park Inn. I remember that we had stayed here when we moved Sarah, my daughter, and her kids to Kingman, Arizona years ago.

I am now setting here in bed writing this before I get David up to get on the way. It is now 8:15am.

If you want to hear what else happens to us on the way to Victoria, Texas just follow my blog.

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