Road Trip Day 2

We have found out that when you are older you can’t drive all night and when it gets dark find a hotel.

We headed out from Kluane Hotel at 9am. There was frost on the windshield but the day was nice. It was another beautiful day for a drive.

We made it to Whitehorse where we gassed up and fueled up our bodies up with a big breakfast at The Legend at the Yukon Inn. We left town at 11:45am.

We crossed the Continental Divide. We were now getting some snowflakes but not much. Hoping we have now left that behind but we will see it is only April in the far north. Next stop was Watson Lake where we stopped for gas and to get rid of our bodily fluids. The sign forest in Watson Lake has grown tremendously. David can remember in ’61 about a dozen posts with about a hundred signs, and now there are hundreds of posts with thousands of signs. Back on the road again at 4:15. We have now driven 1000 miles, only 4000 more to go.

It is starting to get dark now and we just want to get to Fort Nelson. Yea, we made it around 9:30. We stopped to gas up and then planned to find a hotel. The young man waiting on us, yes it was a full service station, told us his Mom owned a hotel and sent us to Kacee’s Suites. We were in bed by 10.

We saw some wildlife today. There was a porcupine waddling along the side of the road and we didn’t see a watch a road crossing for him, so I guess he was a bit confused. We saw signs for elk, sheep, caribou none of which we saw. We did see several small herds of bison. It was David’s first time to see one in the wild. I got pictures but didn’t have time to process them so they will get posted later.

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