Montana, Wyoming and Colorado Day 5 of Our Road Trip

We got an early start today. We headed out at 7am. We said good bye to Montana at 10:04 as we crossed the border of Wyoming.

We decided it was time to start looking for a place to fuel the car and us. We pulled off in Sheridan where we gassed up then drove into the country town. We found this restaurant called Kim’s Family Restaurant. It served Korean and American food, so we thought we would give it a try. It ended up being a local hangout which means the food and service is usually good. Well our waitress was very friendly, but when the owner came around to check on us it was great. I noticed at one point Kim, the owner, was playing some kind of card game with a customer and the next thing I knew they were laughing and he was giving Kim a dollar. I think this was a regular thing. This was my kind of place. In fact, the whole town was my kind of place. I admired the old buildings while we waited for the train to pass, so we could head on our way.

The only wildlife we saw was outside of Chugwater where there was a small herd of antelope grazing on the rolling plains. David did see a couple of small animals that didn’t quite make it across the road. There was plenty of angus though grazing all over. I would love to be able to ride over the rolling hills and across the plains. I can just imagine how beautiful the night sky would be.

We stopped in Cheyenne and gassed up for the next leg of our trip. We were back on the road at 4 and by 4:30 it was Hello Colorado. We skirted around Denver during rush hour which was the best.

We saw our first lightening of our trip. This is always exciting to Alaskans because it is rare that you ever see it there. I guess it is like people getting to see our Northern Lights and how excited they get. The beauty that we take for granted. Just stop and smell the roses I always say.

We came into Kit Carson around 8. We decided to call it a day, since we had driven around 800 miles. Plus we didn’t want to end up stuck out on one of those lonely roads with no place to see in sight. We pulled into the Kit Carson Inn. We got the cutest little kitchenette for $69. Tonight our sausage and cheese was served in style on a plate.

Well I hope you are enjoying our journey. I know we are.

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