Chasing Tumbleweed Day 6

I forgot to tell one story last night. We started hearing this noise. I think it is the heater fan. David is checking gauges. It is really getting annoying now. I put a CD in to try to drown out the noise. David finally has had enough, not sure if it is the noise or my griping. Anyway he pulls over and as we are getting to get out of the car, David says look between seats. There is our charger just buzzing away and hot. Thank the Lord it wasn’t our little Outback. She is a good old girl.

Started our beautiful clear day at 7:40 with about 14 more driving hours. We said goodbye to the quaint little town of Kit Carson, and the Kit Carson Inn [Established Way Back].

As we left town we started “Breezing Along with the Tumbling Tumbleweed”. They were blowing across the road and down the road. They weren’t the great big ones but you still couldn’t miss hitting them.

We got to Lamar where we gassed up the car and us. We had a nice breakfast at the Hickory House. You could tell it was another local hangout. It was good food and service for a fair price.

It didn’t take my breakfast long to start working my innards. David found us a rest area at Twin Butte. When we stopped we saw the coolest large rock formations. There were the most wind generators we had seen in one place. I guess I should call it a wind farm. Anyway I did get photos which I hope to get processed soon.

We hit Oklahoma around noon. There was another time change, so we lost another hour.

Here we are in Texas by 12:30 and still in the high plains. These are long straight roads, but I love driving through all the little country towns.

We’re starting to get a little rain now. That is funny because my weather report for Anchorage is for rain. Well only 639 more miles.

It is getting greener and warmer as we pass through Jimmy Dean’s hometown, Plainview, Texas. For the people who don’t know who he is he makes sausage. It is in all the grocery store.

Stopped in Lubbock for gas and getting rid of our excess water. My map didn’t show the way I wanted to go so I had to make my plan of attack. Then the navigator screwed up twice but luckily the driver saved the day.

As we are driving down these country back roads I am enjoying the blue bonnets. I do miss them back home. We are now out of the plains, that is after we passed an even bigger wind farm. The country now has such a pretty color of green and lots more trees.

We have decided to stop where the 83 hits the I10 for the night. We found an EconoLodge that has great rooms and great price. David came out to see if I needed to go to the bathroom because it was taking a while. Something to do with a key being made today but the room was not showing as booked.  Anyway David opens my door and this bolt falls on the ground.  He picks it up looks at it and hands it to me.  He then goes to close the door and it won’t shut.  Now we see where the bolt goes.  David goes back in to see if he can borrow some tools.  With team work we finally get the bolt back in.

There is no place to eat at the hotel so we head into the big town of Junction. On our way down we noticed that it was starting to lightening.  I told David this is what we call an electric storm.  Of course the sidewalks are rolled up but the grocery store is still open.   We grab a couple of salads and a 6 pack of beer, local of course.

Back at the hotel just in time before it starts to rain.  Now as I write this I am listening to the thunder and watching the lightening.

Well now that I have showered and am on my last beer I believe it is time to say farewell until morrow.

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Author: olehippies

I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

3 thoughts on “Chasing Tumbleweed Day 6”

  1. What is your final destination? Are you coming to Ft Worth? Thats where I live! I’d love to meet you guys!
    We went to East Texas last weekend and I was hoping to see more bluebonnets than we did, but alas, we were not on I20 and that’s where they are the most prevalant. ANyway, happy travels, yall take care now!

    1. We made it to Victoria. We won’t be going to Ft Worth area but it would be fun to meet. I will let you know which way we are heading and maybe we can meet some where. I used to live in Boyd.

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