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Well I have not been able to blog because when I got to Victoria I had to start pricing stuff for the garage sale and I didn’t have WiFi.

We spent the night in Junction, Texas. The sidewalks had been rolled up so no place to eat out. We found a Lowe’s and grabbed a salad and a 6 pack of beer. As we watched the sky light up from the lightening we enjoyed our beer and then hit the sack.

We left Junction and headed to San Antonio. David told me that we were going to need gas and that we should stop to eat. David told me to pick the place because I knew the area. I decided to take him to Magnolia Pancake Haus in San Antonio. If you ever get to San Antonio you have to try the German pancakes, waffles and more. You might have to wait to get in because it is always packed but it is well worth it.


After that we headed to Victoria. Helped the rest of my family get ready for the garage sale the next day. It was really weird looking at all the stuff that was going. Some of it I remembered my parents having forever. After we were done getting ready we divided up the family things that we were all keeping. We were drawing for everything and we all had a good laugh as we did.

Friday we got up ready to start. Dina, my sister, and Mike, her husband, went to put the signs out. I decided I should move our car so there was more parking room and I had people trying to get in. We went ahead and opened the doors. It was so busy we couldn’t keep up. As things sold out of the garage we moved the things from the house out there. We sold almost everything. Michael, my nephew, and I were named the garage sale King and Queen. That evening we all went out to dinner at some wing place. So my two nephews, Michael and Matthew, challenged me to a wing eating contest. I won! Everyone told them don’t ever challenge Cindy. It was a great time with my siblings.

Saturday morning we were up and there was so little to sell we decided to pack it up. Laura, my sister in law, was taking the rest of the things to her church because they were having a rummage sale in a couple of weeks. We helped her price everything and the boys loaded it up in the cars and took it over. People were still coming in as we packed. We finally had to close the doors.

That evening with the garage sale money we all went to dinner at this nice place. It had some great beers. We sat outside because the weather was so nice. The kids were playing the yard games they had set up. A good time was had by all. Yes, we did not spend it all. There was leftover money and we gave it to Mom and Dad.

Sunday we met Mom and Dad at church to celebrate Easter. After church we went out for Mexican food. Then we went over to their new place and went through old photos. That was a lot of fun too.

Monday we decided we needed to get a few groceries. We headed to Aldi’s where we ran into Mom and Dad. I shopped Aldi’s in England and Germany and was surprised they opened up in Victoria. As we were talking one of my best friends from school walked in. It was great to see her. David and I then went to Whataburger where we ran into another of my high school friends. She told me some of them were getting together that night. We met up with them for supper and had a great visit. We will be getting with more of them on Wednesday.

Today, Tuesday, we just worked around the house until it was time to go to Mom and Dad’s. We ate lunch with them. I have WiFi there, so here is my blog. I will blog again when I have time to come over here and sit to do it.

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