Going to the Beach

I thought that David should at least see the coast. We had another day off so away we went on another road trip.

I decided we could go to Port Lavaca. We headed to Lighthouse Beach. Here we walked along the beach and yes took tons of photos.

We then drove across the Lavaca Causeway which took you to some plants. My brother, Kenneth, works at one of them.

I then thought we might as well hit some more beaches. David tells me to ask my girlfriend, my phone, for directions. Next one was Alamo Beach. We are driving down this little country road and it tells us to turn. All we see is a gate across a pasture which is closed because the cows are grazing. We drive a little farther and figure out this was the road. Well so much for Alamo Beach.

Next stop is Magnolia Beach. We do find it. We decide not to walk the beach because it has just been graded. That means to me we wouldn’t find any cool stuff the tide brought in.

Have to admit they do have some really weird houses along the beach though.

I then decide we should go to Port O’Connor. My grandparents had a weekend place here. I spent many happy weekends there fishing and playing bingo with my grandmother. I told David we can get some really good seafood there. We stopped at Cathy’s. I was so happy because I got oysters on the half shell. They were so fresh and tasty. David had the shrimp which he said was also very good.

We then started heading to Victoria. David asked if I wanted to go to the movies. I told him yes, so we went to see The Avengers. As we were going in David held the door open for a man in a wheelchair. We let them go in front of us in line because we were still deciding what we wanted to see. When they had got their ticket we went to get ours. When David went to slide his card. The young lady with the man in the wheelchair says excuse me sir. She then sticks her card in and pays for both of our tickets. We were very surprised and thanked them. We thought that was so nice. I love to pay things forward. On top of that we really enjoyed the movie.

As we were walking out my brother, Kenneth, called and asked us to dinner. We met them at the Mexican Restaurant and had a great time with them.

I hope you enjoyed our little road trip. I know we did.

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I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

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