Oldest Deli in Texas and Texas Bucket List

Finally the inspector came to inspect the house. There were no major problems, so we decided to go out to eat to celebrate. I was talking to my sister about the inspection and mentioned to her that we were going out. She suggested a few places that we both remembered.

Fossati’s, the oldest deli in Texas. It is only open during the week and only for lunch. They have the most wonderful sandwiches.

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The Oldest Deli In Texas Will Take You Straight To Sandwich Heaven

Here in Texas, we value tradition and history when it comes to food. How long a restaurant has been open is the best testament to its quality. Considering Fossati’s, located in Victoria, dates back to 1882, it’s had quite some time to perfect the art of making a good sandwich. See the charming atmosphere and delicious eats for yourself:

Fossati’s isn’t just the oldest deli in Texas – it’s one of the longest-standing restaurants in America. Family-owned for all 137 years of operation, tradition isn’t taken lightly here. Although the building’s exterior has changed quite drastically over the years, its rich culture and historic charm remain the same.
After existing on nearly every corner of downtown Victoria, the current structure was built in 1895. Fossati’s was honored with a spot on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.
Upon entrance, your eyes will be immediately drawn to the bar with glass cabinets, a mahogany mantle, and old-fashioned black leather stools. Other noteworthy features include a trench in which men used to spit tobacco, hundreds of cookbooks that haven’t been printed in over half a century, and metal rings for tying horses.
Checkered tablecloths and wooden chairs create a no-frills, homestyle atmosphere that meshes perfectly with our Texas values. Make friends with locals and hear their compelling life stories as hours tick by without you even noticing.
As for the food, you’ll never have a bad meal at Fossati’s. Giant Muffalettas the size of your head are stuffed with traditional deli meats, several different cheeses, and fresh, crisp lettuce. Other popular sandwiches include a classic Reuben, chicken salad, and tuna melt.
Trying to cut carbs? No problem – just order a plate of all the delicious innards. You won’t even miss the bread!

No deli experience is quite complete without a heaping bowl of creamy Italian pasta salad. It’s offered here as a side dish, but we could easily chow down on an entree sized portion.

We had a great sandwich and it is fun just to look at all the things in the deli hanging on the wall. If you ever get to Victoria you have to go downtown and give it a try.

We decided we wanted to do some else, so I decided we would go to Shiner. This is where the Spoetzl Brewery is located and where Shiner beer is brewed. The brewery is the oldest independent brewery in Texas. The brewery was started by the town folks because they were German and Czech and didn’t care for the beer they could get. They started the brewery in 1909 and are still using the same recipes from back then.

We got there just in time for the last tour of the day. When you go on the tour you get wooden nickels for your 4 free beers. Norman our guide was great. I had not been there in so many years I couldn’t believe how much it had grown. Norman told us that during prohibition the brew master was told he could only brew near beer. He stretched his language barrier to the limit and took this as he had to be near the beer. The railroad guys would let them know when an inspector was coming and they would dump all the beer in the river. When the locals saw all the foam on the river they would all go fishing. It was owned by the same family for years and then one day the next descendent said I don’t want to run the brewery. The brewery was then sold to Carlos Alvarez in 1989. Production grew to 100,000 US beer barrels (12,000 m3) in 1994, and over the next ten years, production nearly tripled. The company now has 120 employees. In 2012 is was the 4th largest craft brewery in the United States.

After we finished our beers I had to take David to Howard’s. It is an old country store where you can get a beer in a plastic cup and drink it in beer garden.

Howard Gloore is a simple man of Swiss descent that grew up in town and the convenience store he opened back in 1984 has been a one stop for shop for everyone in Shiner.  And I do mean one stop shop. You can find beer, bait, ammo.

I guess there is a show called The Texas Bucket List and Howard’s made it on the show. Check it out.

As we were leaving town we saw this vehicle for sale and thought is was worth a photo.

Well that was the end of another great day. We had a great time in Shiner and if you ever get a chance you should go.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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