More Goodbyes

As we got ready to leave Victoria we had to make a couple of stops. One at Mom and Dad’s just to say goodbye and to borrow their key to the old house.

As soon as we pulled out of the garage and had all the doors locked David says did you get my hoody. No I thought you got it. Well good thing Mom and Dad still had a key to the old house. We then had to stop at my brother’s to grab some pecans, since we had forgot them the night before. Finally on the road to San Antonio.

We checked into our hotel and then went to Dolly’s house to meet up with Missy and Ester. They took us to a brewery then out to dinner. It was so good to see them. Hopefully, they will get to come to Alaska this summer.

It is always fun to see a furry caterpillar.

Monday, the next morning, we went to visit my Aunt Barbara. She is my Mom’s younger sister and my Godmother. She has always been my favorite aunt. She and Uncle Pat raised 10 children in a 2 bedroom house. I always wanted to stay at their house when we went to San Antonio. The third child, Jody, and I were always close. She actually made it over to Aunt Barbara’s and she brought lunch. It was so great to see them.

As we were waiting in the lobby for my cousin, Jody, who always is running late, we found this weird piano. It looks like the put the strings sideways.

After we left Aunt Barbara’s apartment, Jody took us by the nuns of Incarnate Word cemetery. It was very interesting.

We then left to go to Fredricksburg for the night.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and come back anytime.

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