Tombstone, Arizona

After leaving the Gila Cliff Dwellings we headed to Arizona. I decided that we were so close we should stop at Tombstone. Gas is starting to go up it was $3.35 in Wilcox, AZ

We were ready for a beer when we got to Tombstone at 3:40pm. After the beer we walked down main street. I was looking for some playing cards for my friend, Phyllis, in some small gift store. While in the store there was this young man who told the sales lady that he was driving from Alaska to Texas. David heard that and told him that we are driving back home to Alaska from Texas. As he turns and starts to walk out the door I notice his shirt. On the back it says Alaska Air Frames. I ask him about it and he tells me he used to work for them but had to move back to Texas. I tell him that my daughter, Heather Montgomery, was his boss. It is such a small world. I called Heather and told her. She says, “Oh you met Russell!” Heather is the CEO of Alaska Air Frames.

We left Tombstone around 5 and headed toward Tucson. We looked for a hotel when we got there. We stayed in another funky hotel. I liked that the swimming pool was full of cement. Also, check out this shower head.

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