Mt Kitt Observatory

Once again I found another stop on our adventures back home to Anchorage, Alaska. Mount Kitt Observatory sounded like our next exciting stop.

I did a little research on it the night before and found that Mt Kitt has one of the largest arrays of radio and optical telescopes. As we start up the long, windy road to the top of Mt Kitt I start to count the telescopes. I finally gave up .

We finally made it to the top at a total of 6870 ft. It was beautiful up there.

There was only 1 observatory open. You could go on a guided tour or on your own. We chose to go on our own. We checked out the museum which was interesting and then headed to the observatory.

On our walk back to the car David found a beetle on the sidewalk. He shows it to me and tells me I think it is dead. He pushes it a little with his foot and then I notice something. It is spring time and insects do mate too. We had a good laugh and continued on.

Now tell me how are they going to spot the bear?

I would highly recommend stopping here if you are in the area. They also have things going on at night. Check them out here

I just really liked the textures in this tree.

Back down the mountain we went and on to Ajo, Arizona.

There were border patrol all over the place. I guess that is pretty normal for around this area. I just have never seen so many just driving up and down the road.

As we drive on we come to the town of Why. Why would you name your town that? Is it because you are thinking why am I here or is it because you ask yourself why is it so dry here or why is there no gold here. I guess we will never know or will we?

After a little research I discovered why the town is named Why. It is because when the town was named there was an intersection of State Routes 85 and 86 in the shape of a Y. They decided to name their town Y but because there was a state law that stated all towns must have at least 3 letters it was named Why. It is often mentioned in lists of unusual place names.

You never know where my mind will wonder but I always seem to learn something new. Hope you enjoyed this little trip with me.

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