Beaches, Lighthouses, Rocks and Food!

We left our hotel in Brookings, Oregon at 8:20 and headed to Harris Beach.

Harris Beach was named after the Scottish pioneer George Harris who settled here in the late 1880s to raise sheep and cattle. The park boasts the largest island off the Oregon coast. Bird Island (also called Goat Island) is a National Wildlife Sanctuary and breeding site for such rare birds as the tufted puffin.

Find out more about it here:

To see my photos follow the link below.

We jumped back in our wonderful little, green Outback and off we went to Arch Rock.

More info on the Arch Rock:

We had planned to make a side trip to Crater Lake but the Rim Road was closed, so I didn’t think it would be worth going. I have never seen it and would prefer to visit when we can spend some time. Sounds like another road trip some day.

The next thing I found on the map was Dinosaur Gardens. It did look interesting but we just didn’t want to pay the $10 apiece and didn’t feel we wanted to spend the amount of time there that was needed to visit. I think it would be a great place to take the kids. I did get a few photos because I wanted the birds eating.

We were getting hungry which means I needed to ask my girlfriend, Google maps, where the nearest restaurant was. Caffe Dio came up in Bandon, Oregon. We headed right over.

Caffe Dio was a little hole in the wall which we love. We walked in behind a young couple as we all stood and looked at the menu board, the owner began to tell us what we could have. He let us know that it would be another 30 minutes before he can make a pizza due to the fact that the oven was not totally heated. He said he also had a pasta dish or an omelet. The young couple then turned around and walked out. Boy did they make a big mistake.

We sat down and the owner came over to take our order. We both decided to have the omelet and I ordered a cappuccino, which the lady at the next table told it was the best she had ever had. I can say it was as good as in Italy and I really enjoyed it. While we waited for our food we were brought some homemade bread. It was fresh from the oven and delicious. We enjoyed our omelet. This whole experience was well worth it.

This is a one man operation and well worth a stop. Here is more info if you want to check it out.

We got to talking to a the lady at the next table and she told us to where to find a great beach. She believed that it was the best beach for rock formations along the coast. The wonderful lady was so right. What a beautiful place.

It was well worth the stop. As you can see I took tons of photos. I love getting to see the star fish and urchins in the tidal pools. I was hoping to see some Sand Dollars but no such luck. I have seen them before alive in the Gig Harbor area.

You can check out the Bandon Beaches here:

Our next stop was at Umpqua Lighthouse. There is a nice picnic area here too.

To learn more about the lighthouses in Oregon check this out:

Back in our Subaru and on the highway crossing fun bridges.

We stopped along the highway to snap a couple photos of Heceta Head Lighthouse in the distance.

Here is more info on the state park located here:

We pulled over along the highway once again. There were several photographers there. The map said we might be able to see some seal lions. There were no sea lions but I did get a photo of some birds below us. I also saw a whale come up but didn’t get the picture. Still is was a nice stop and we talked to one photographer for a while. He had spent time in Alaska in his younger days.

Next we stopped at the Little Log Church. It was built in 1930 in the shape of the cross from local timber. When the congregation grew too large for the church it was given to the town of Yachats but it had to be preserved and used as a museum.

Here is more information on this unique church:

While in Oregon we crossed the 45 parallel which is the halfway mark between the Equator and the North Pole.

We were so close to the kids on the Key Peninsula in Washington we decided to push on. We crossed several bridges.

Washington here we are. We finally made it to the kids house at 11. We were tired but happy to have made it safe and sound.

David found the Pacific Coast highway one of the windiest roads he had ever driven but also one of the most beautiful. Around every curve we found something wonderful. I recommend that if you have never driven it put it on your bucket list.

Hope you enjoyed our journey.

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  1. You could totally be a travel writer and get paid for it! I loved all your pictures and hope to visit there someday! What an epic adventure yall are having! So fun!!!

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