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David and I decided to go visit our friends, Nancy and John Lee, in Greenwood which is part of Seattle. John Lee had a few days off so we left the kids house in Gig Harbor to drive to their house.

One thing that David and John Lee always do when they get together is to go and visit the grave of Jimi Hendrix. It is located at the Greenwood Memorial Park in Renton, Washington. You can really see the love that people at the memorial have for him. If you are a fan I would put this on your bucket list.

You can read more about it here:


After we left there we headed to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen for some fried chicken. They do have great chicken there. If you have not tried it you should give it a try.


Before we went back to the house John Lee took us to one of their local parks so we could enjoy it.

We walked along the beach as we watched the trains zoom by. We then went for a walk down one of the trails through the woods. When we came out two policeman, who were with SWAT, came up, showed us a photo of a man and asked if we had seen him. We told them no and they thanked us and moved on. We didn’t know until we got home that we found out there was a manhunt going on for the man they showed us the photo of.

Nancy always has to most beautiful yard and flowers.

We had a wonderful day with John Lee. Unfortunately, Nancy had to work and didn’t get to come with us.

Hope you have enjoyed this little part of our road trip.

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