Food, Baseball and Black Eyes

We were going to spend the day exploring downtown Seattle with John Lee before we headed to the Mariner’s game. That is the one thing that David was hoping to do while we were here.

As I had mentioned before John Lee finds the best hole in the wall places to eat. He didn’t let us down this time either. He took us out for some great

South Indian food. It was buffet style and the price was very reasonable. We got there just in time because it filled up fast. There were people waiting for tables too. The food was great and so was the staff.

Then we went for a nice cup of tea at Tea Republik. There was so many choices there. We went with one of John Lee’s favorites which we really enjoyed. The owner is really a nice man and I loved how relaxing it was there. You can see what people have to say about this nice tea shop in the University district of Seattle here:

We wandered around Pike’s Market and the surrounding area.

We then started walking to the Link. We were going to go to the International District next.

Then something terrible happened. John Lee was walking in front of us when all of a sudden David fell flat on his face. There was blood gushing from his head. People were calling 911. He was knocked unconscious for a very short time. He was trying to sit up by the time the paramedics got there. There was nice nurse that held a cloth on his head until they got there. . He kept asking me what hit him in the back. He fell right over. It was not like he stumbled or tripped. We think someone pushed him. The paramedics checked him out. He did ask me if his eyes always looked like this. I told him David had a plastic lens and then he understood why his one eye looks like a cat eye. They told us he needed stitches but that if we wanted to save the money spent on an ambulance just go across the street to the Walgreen’s clinic. We did this and they looked at David then told us he couldn’t do stitches. He did tell us where to go. I led David by the arm to the Link. The whole time David keeps asking me what hit him in the back, where are his glasses, and where are we. We got him to the clinic where they took great care of him. Besides the head injury, he had a cut on his toe, scrapes on the back of one hand and on his knees and the heel of his hands looked like blood vessels had broken.

David didn’t remember anything that happened for about 3 hours. I was told to watch him during the night because he did have a mild concussion and seven stitches. David told the doctor he was almost 70 and had never had a black eye or stitches. He still thought he was going to make the Mariner’s game. The doctor said the bright lights and loud noise wouldn’t be good for him. By the time I got back from getting his prescriptions David was done and ready to go home.

I don’t know how many of you out there know that David is my third husband, not because of divorce but of death. So the first thing I thought when I saw David laying on the ground with blood pouring from his wound was I killed another one. I was very relieved when he moved.

It could have been a lot worse, so we feel we are lucky. This incident will not keep David from going back. I just think I better hold his hand while we are out walking.

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