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David’s glasses had broken in the accident, one of the lenses shattered and the ear piece was broken beyond repair. Dan went by the house to get his other pair and Heather FedExed them to us at Sarah’s. We got to stay a few days longer and visit our granddaughters. I have always said that everything happens for a reason. If David’s accident happened because

we needed to spend a few days more with our Washington family I wish we could have learned this some way that was a little easier on David’s face.

All the girls working together to get the dishes put away.

Then there is the lazy grandson. Actually, he just moved back home and is having to sleep on the couch. He did just tell me he moved into an apartment with a friend. I am proud of him.

Getting the last photos of the kids before they go to school and we leave for home.

The car is packed and ready to go.

It was time to head back to Alaska now.

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