Lunch with Friends

We were going to go visit our friend, Dawn, but we couldn’t see her until after she got off from work.

Nancy had a dental appointment which went a lot faster than she thought if was going too. She picked up our Mariner tickets for the next night and headed home from downtown Seattle. She was back in time to go to lunch with the rest of us.

The last time we were visiting Nancy and John Lee, David wanted to take me to Gordito’s Mexican Restaurant but it was closed due to an gas explosion in Greenwood that leveled 3 2-story buildings in the heart of downtown.

A massive explosion hit a Seattle district overnight (8/9 March), injuring nine firefighters and causing widespread damage. The blast rocked the northern Greenwood neighborhood, surprising fire crews that were responding to a gas leak in the area

After six months the restaurant is finally opened again and people can get there Baby Burritos again. Baby Burritos are the size of a new born baby

After almost 3 years we are back in Greenwood and headed to Gordito’s Mexican Restaurant. I can tell you it was worth the wait. I enjoyed the food and really enjoyed the Sangria

We had a nice walk back to the house.

On the way John Lee thought he would check out a rental bike that we were passing.

I have seen something like this in all the major cities I have visited. I think it is a great idea. We even saw electric ones. To find out more on the bikes for your next trip to Seattle look here.

Well that is all for now. I hope you enjoyed my wonderful day with friends.

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