Stages of a Black Eye

I decided to take a daily photo of his eye, so everyone could see how it developed and now is almost gone after about a month. His eyebrow is still a little bit swollen. You can still see a little discoloration.

The stitches got taken out by David’s doctor in Anchorage. He commented on the stitches being a great job. We had his eyes checked and they are fine. He is now getting both eyes to open. He was having a little trouble with his vision but the eye doctor told us it was do to with the concussion and would go away with time.

Anyway David is back to looking normal now or at least what is normal for him. Love you, David!

David said it might look really bad but there wasn’t much pain. He said they are not going to keep him from visiting downtown Seattle again. It is one of his favorite places to visit.

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