Ferrying Away

Well it is time to start heading home. We decided to take the ferry from Port Townsend so the we could avoid Seattle. We kissed and hugged the family bye and off we went on our next adventure.

I was now going to be the driver because David couldn’t open his eye after the accident in Seattle. Now I guess I will not get to do as much looking around and more paying attention to the road. I guess it is David’s turn to enjoy the scenery and navigate.

We had a nice drive to Port Townsend where we were going to catch the ferry to Coupeville. I had made reservations on the ferry but we got there

early, so we had time to explore Port Townsend. It was such a cute small town. I wouldn’t mind going back to do more exploring. With its maritime heritage, artist spirit, and a touch of urban chic, Port Townsend is an easily accessible base camp to the Olympic Peninsula and beyond. Whether on land or sea; indoors or outdoors – Port Townsend has activities for every taste. 

To learn more about Port Townsend, Washington go here:


We found a cool diner called the Nifty Fifty where we ate lunch. It is located on the main drag.

We had the Halibut and Chips which we totally enjoyed out on the patio overlooking Port Townsend Bay.

If you are ever in Port Townsend you should check Nifty Fifty out. The prices are good and the food is even better. There were even some kids dancing when we were checking out. It reminded me of watching “Happy Days”.

We had to find a Wells Fargo to deposit the wonderful gift our kids, Sarah & Steve Mossberg and Cade Leggett gave us. They are such wonderful kids. Thank you again!

Anyway we noticed a beach behind the bank and thought we would take a few photos.

Then we thought it was not to early to go to the ferry. I had made reservation which cost me $8 and we didn’t really need it. We got on the earlier ferry to Coupeville. I am sure there are times of day and of year that it is a lot more busy and you may need a reservation to make sure you get onto one.

If you are ever in Washington and need the ferry schedule you can find everything you need here:


After getting off the ferry we headed to the Canadian Border in Sumas, Washington. We arrived at 3:30. We handed over our passports, were asked a few questions and allowed in the country with no problem. I wonder does it have something to do with actually having our passports. Not like when we were entering Canada from Alaska and I had forgot our passports.

If you need any information on this border crossing check it out here:


We were going to stop early today because we wanted to go to Fraser Canyon the next day. We wanted to stay in the area. We drove into the town of Yale, British Columbia. It was pretty much a ghost town but it had one motel which 4 of the rooms were actual apartments that were rented out. Yale Motel was a cute little place. The owner told us that if we needed anything to eat we better go to the store before it closed at 6. He told us there was no restaurant in town. We did go to the store and grabbed a 6 pack of beer.

Yale is an interesting little town with some history that you should check out; including Big Foot.

The town was founded in 1848 by the Hudson’s Bay Company as Fort Yale by Ovid Allard, the appointed manager of the new post, who named it after his superior, James Murray Yale, then Chief Factor of the Columbia District. In its heyday at the peak of the gold rush, it was reputed to be the largest city west of Chicago and north of San Francisco. It also earned epithets such as “the wickedest little settlement in British Columbia” and “a veritable Sodom and Gomorrah” of vice, violence and lawlessness.

Find out more here:


The story of Jacko in 1884 was to have taken place around Yale. If you have never heard the story, it is about a man or animal captured. This creature was believed to be a Big Foot or Sasquatch. To read more about it go here:


We sat out front of our room as we drank our beer and enjoyed the scenery. One of the neighbors came by and visited with us for a while. It was a very nice evening.

Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. The trip was fun. I am behind on my blogging but we are almost home in it. Then I can start on things we have done since being home. It takes time to process all my photos. David is doing good. All healed now.

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