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We had decided to start packing the car at around 8. We were planning on visiting Hell’s Gate which was not very far down the road. We thought it would open by 9.

As I was loading some stuff in the car a woman in the apartment next to our room asked me ………..

why do you have a stool strapped down to the top of your car? She did not ask about the gas can because that was a normal sight for up here. I explained that the stool was the one that I sat on at the table when I was small and planned to take it home and refinish it.

I introduced myself to Gloria and when our husband’s came out we introduced them. Gloria’s husband is named Keith. They informed us that Hell’s Gate didn’t open until 10 and we were only 10 minutes away. We then visited with Gloria and Keith. Keith told Gloria to show me her dolls. I thought sure but I am not into dolls much. Well let me tell you these dolls are so cool. Each one has a story to tell and they are completely hand made. She told me to pick one out for myself. As I looked at all of them I noticed the Flower Child. Well that is totally me. She even had my big drooping boobs from burning her bra in the 60’s just like me.

Then as I looked at the rest of them I noticed this poor broken man and I thought this is my broken David.

Then I couldn’t decide which one was my favorite. Gloria gave them both to me.

Gloria likes making her dolls but what she really loves is making miniatures. I could not believe some of the ones she had made. She wanted to see how small she could make one. She build a house 1″ square and it had home made furniture in it. It was unbelievable. Some people really have some amazing talents.

I went and had a cup of coffee with the man that had come down to visit us the night before and say bye. David stayed and visited with Keith and Gloria because he doesn’t drink coffee like me.

Well it was time to leave and as we say farewell to our new friends.

If you ever end up in Yale, British Columbia, Canada be sure to stop at the Yale Motel for the night. If not for the night stop by number 11 and visit Keith and Gloria. While you are there be sure to check out all of Gloria’s cool stuff she has made.

We got to Hell’s Gate around 10. I was excited about riding the air tram. David had been here before but it had been a very long time ago. I loved learning about the history of Hell’s Gate. I had no idea there was so much history here and what was done to help the salmon.

Hells Gate is a narrow rocky gorge of the Fraser River Canyon south of Boston Bar, British Columbia. Explorer Simon Fraser recorded a difficult portage (1808) around the churning waters of this section of the Fraser River. First known as the “great canyon,” its name is associated with the disastrous impact of Canadian Northern Railway construction on the river’s salmon resources. After blasting debris and rockslides (1913-14) blocked much of the pacific salmon runs, the catch from the river’s stocks plummeted. The first fishways were constructed here in 1944 to permit spawning fish to pass the rapids however, stocks have yet to fully recover. Hells Gate now has an aerial tram ride and highway tourist facility.

You can learn more about the history of the Fraser River and Hell’s Gate here

We went around and looked at everything from the scenery to the bridge, which you can walk across, to watching the air trams go back and forth, read all the history plaques, and just enjoyed the visit.

I was interested in the Fish Ladder because we have quite a few of them in Alaska. I think it is great that we as humans have done something to help out the migrating fish.

A fish ladder, also known as a fishway, provides a detour route for migrating fish past a particular obstruction on the river. Designs vary depending on the obstruction, river flow, and species of fish affected, but the general principle is the same for all fish ladders: the ladder contains a series of ascending pools that are reached by swimming against a stream of water. Fish leap through the cascade of rushing water, rest in a pool, and then repeat the process until they are out of the ladder.

We also enjoyed watching the trains go by.

It was now time to take the gondola back across the Fraser River.

It was now 12:30 and time for us to leave this beautiful place. If you are ever in the area though I recommend you making a stop. Hopefully, you will find it as beautiful as we did.

Well off we went to our next stop Log Cabin Pub which we had found in the Milepost. We decided it was time for a beer and pulled into this biker bar at Spences Bridge.

From Lytton Highway 1 heads north east along the Thompson River. The highway crosses the river at Spences Bridge 40 km (25 mi.) from Lytton. Spences Bridge is famous for the quality of its steelhead fishing and the site of one of the oldest operating hotels in British Columbia, the Steelhead Inn.

Travelers passing through in spring and fall are most likely to see herds of big horn sheep on or near the highway; you often have to slow down or stop completely to avoid hitting them. A favourite spot for the sheep is in the school yard – when the students are inside!

We unfortunately didn’t get to see any wildlife except what was in the pub. I think we were the wildest thing in there.

We met a very friendly bartender, Lisa, who told us that the owner was trying to sell the place. I guess it was time for him to retire. It is worth a stop for a nice cold beer.

After our beer we headed onto Prince George. Of course, I had not booked anything in advance but I did find a Brewhouse. What is more Canadian than The Canadian Brewhouse and Grill. The staff was great and so was the beer and food. We asked our waitress about a place to stay and she said she was new to the area. She went and asked some of the other customers that were local.

After finishing our beer and food we headed o Grama’s Inn to get a room. This is the place that was recommended. It was a nice place to lay our heads for the night.

It is now 9:20 pm and after a long, fun day it was time for it to come to and end. I hope you enjoyed our day as much as we did.

Thanks for stopping by!

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