Last Leg

Well this is our last leg of the trip. We will be home today. It is only 426 miles to home. It should take us around 9 hours or less since I am driving.

Our last stop in Canada was in Beaver Creek. This is what the local visitor center has to say about it.

The historic community of Beaver Creek is a small border town on the Alaska Highway, the most westerly community in Canada, and Yukon’s gateway to Alaska.  Beaver Creek is nestled in Yukon’s breathtaking, spruce-filled wilderness.  The population of just over 100 is community-minded and friendly; people who value their quiet lifestyle, pristine landscape and surrounding wilderness. 

WE ate breakfast at Buckshot Betty’s which has everything you need. You can rent a room or RV space. If you need food there is a great restaurant and bakery. It is just a unique place to stop.

Sue Bee parked in front of Buckshot Betty’s

After a great breakfast we were ready to head out at 9:23am. I wanted to make one last stop for a photo op in Beaver Creek. I wanted to get a photo of Our Lady of Grace mission. Our Lady of Grace mission, built in 1961 from a salvaged Quonset hut left over from highway construction days, is 1 of 3 Catholic missions on the north Alaska Highway.

We made it to the border by 8:50am. Whoa it got earlier. Oh yea, we are now on Alaska time. I can finally believe what time my fit bit and car clock say. We are getting close to home.

The road from the border to Tok has one of the longest straight stretches of roads in Alaska. It is 80 miles from the border to Tok. We did stop on the way for a few photos.

We stopped in Tok to gas up and grab a coffee. We are getting excited about getting home now. By 10:30 we were on our way again.

We crossed the Continental Divide once again at milepost 321. I really do need to go back and count how many times we crossed the divide.

Our next stop after driving 139 miles was Glenallen where we arrived at 1:12pm. Our next stop will be in Eagle River which is just a mere 166 miles.

We did stop to take a few more photos. You just can’t help it no matter how many times you have seen these view.

Before we went by our kids house to pick up our new keys, son changed the lock after break in, and our dog, Alice, we decided we deserved a celebration beer. We stopped at Matanuska Brewing. We arrived there at 4:20pm.

After grabbing everything from the kids in Eagle River we drove the 15 minutes to our home in Anchorage. It was quite a shock walking into the mess that was our home. I had to wash all our bedding before we could go to bed. It was still nice to be home and great to sleep in our own bed.

I have to admit I am kind of old school when it comes to travel. I like a hard copy in my hand. We had no phone service through Canada and even places in the US. We left with our Milepost and printed out directions from Google in hand. Thank you so much Milepost. When we crossed back into the US we bought a Road Atlas. Thanks to the Milepost and the Road Atlas we found some interesting places we wouldn’t have found without them. I do love my Google maps for getting around town or for travel on my phone but there are times you just want that hard copy that you can hold in your hand or lay out and look at. David would look at both every night to plan our next day.

I hope you enjoyed our 12000 mile trip. We were gone 6 weeks. We saw tons of country and visited a lot of family and friends. We had a wonderful time. These ole hippies love to travel.

Thanks for stopping by.

Author: olehippies

I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

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  1. I did enjoy your trip, I’m happy Dave is all healed up but sad yall had a break-in while you were gone. You have amazing children to have cleaned up the mess for you, no one wants to deal with that after being gone for 6 weeks!

    1. Well I am glad that I am home but it was a great trip. I am getting ready today for our long 4th of July camping trip with one of the kids and their family. I will be getting time with the twins. Hope you have a great 4th!

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