Japanese Infusion

The students studying Japanese at UAA, University of Alaska Anchorage, had an afternoon of Japanese food, green tea, Pikachu, Tai Chai and other activities to try or watch.

Being that my husband, David’s, Dad spent the first 11 years of his life in Japan because his parents were missionaries there., so David has always been interested in Japanese things. They even started a food co-op which the last we heard was still going.

My daughter, Heather, loves Japanese things so we thought we would ask her to go with us. She picked us up with the girls and off we went. We were a little disappointed at what was there. It was however their first time doing this so it was still a learning process.

We had some green tea and these really nice sweets that they eat. It was like in rice paper and some kind of sweet bean paste. It was really good. We sat on the lawn and got some watermelon they were passing out.

The girls got their photo with Pikachu. When I say girls I mean Mommy too.

Even Grandpa was in some. The girls just laughed and wanted to pet him or is it a her. I thought it was funny because usually toddlers are afraid of these type of things, but not our girls.

I did get a few nice flower photos while we were there.

What do you think about the one black and white one? Leave me a comment to let me know.

Then we were headed home.

I am so glad that Judie and I bought this stroller for Heather because it is the best with the girls. It is like what we called the umbrella stroller but much better built. It folds up easily and is light which makes it easy for my little, short daughter to load. I would check it out if you have twins or are grandparents to twins. It is well worth it.

While we were at UAA David wanted to show Heather where he does his radio show. He has been doing his blues show for over 19 years. His DJ name is Grey Beard. It is funny when we are out and people hear his voice and go you are Grey Beard. At least he knows that people are listening.

We then went home where I had been smoking a pork shoulder all day. I checked on the shoulder while Heather made a salad. It was ready. David got it out and used is new slicer to slice it up. Dinner was great. I loaded Heather up with leftovers and apple turnovers to take home to feed the men of her family.

We had a great day with Heather and the girls. It is always wonderful to get to spend the day with family.

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend. What did you do? Share with me in the comments.

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