Saying Good-Bye to Sterling

In 1980 we moved to Sterling, Alaska with 3 children ages 5, 2 and 3 months. We had two more children after we moved there. Sterling is always going to be my home because I spent more time there than anywhere else in the world. Our children were raised there when it was really very small and rural. Life was good there.

We lived without running water for 16 years, some of those years without electric. I remember our first phone was a party line. We hunted, fished, hauled water and firewood. Our kids knew if you didn’t do your part we wouldn’t have a warm house or water to drink. It was a very simple life and my children grew up to be strong individuals. I am proud of them. My oldest, Jared, still lives there in the last house his Dad built. We built around 20 houses in Sterling which some were log and other stick.

Here are some photos we took along the road home to Anchorage.

I don’t know how many of you have heard of the Swan Lake Fire this summer. It was really bad.

This might have been started by lightening but BLM is the one that let it get out of control.

We told all our friends and family good-bye in Sterling and Soldotna. Hopefully, they will come see us at our new home in York.

Thanks for stopping bye!

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I am a freelance travel writer and photographer. I love to travel with my loving husband. I like to see how the locals live better than going on tours. I love reading and will be reviewing books for everyone.

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