Stuck in Eagle River

Well you know we left our house on Monday to stay in Eagle River, so we could help the kids finish packing. Then get a start off on Wednesday.

Tuesday we worked at packing until almost midnight. We still had stuff to do but were still hopeful about getting off today but then it happened.

Heather told me to be there by 8 which we were but we worked and worked still there was no end in sight. David and I had to run some errands for Heather because we had the only vehicle that was not pulling something. We were waiting for the travel trailer to show up so it could be packed. Also, Dan still had to go get stuff out of our garage and hook the bug up on the back of the van. While that stuff was finally being sorted, the rest of us worked on finishing loading things. I tell you my girl can pack. Heather pictures it all in her head like a puzzle then packs the pieces. I know Sarah my other daughter does that too. I think they got it from their Dad. I remember moving to Alaska and everything we owned had to fit in the back of our truck. Charlie did build a big shell over it. He got everything in the truck; including my wood cook stove.

Anyway back to the other story. Things were finally looking like we were coming to an end. The dump run was being made except when he got there it was already closed. OMG I can’t believe it is already after 5. We still had a little to do but now it was 304 miles to where we were supposed to stay. Heather decides we just can’t drive all night with the little girls. We would get to the hotel and the girls would want to play and Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t sleep. So now there was a scramble to see if we can postpone our hotels that we book. The one in Tok had no vacancies for tomorrow, so now we are trying to come up with another plan.

I took a few pictures of part of the empty house.

This internet is so slow here I can only load one of each set of photos. I will have to try again later down the road.

Next I thought I needed to take some photos of all the rigs going.

It was then decided that the best plan was to stay in Eagle River for the night and get a good night’s sleep and an early start in the morning. It was decided that we would stay at the Microtel Inn again and see if we could get Heather and Dan a room. This all worked out great. Jim and Linda went back and stayed at their condo for the night which meant they had to unhook the bug for the night. While they were doing that we decided we were not needed, so we went to the hotel. We got there about 6. Heather and Dan will be arriving in their Excursion pulling a 32 foot trailer soon.

Just got a text from Heather asking if we were still up would we go get her ice cream when she got here. It is almost 8 and I am sure they will be here soon because it is 2 little girls bedtime.

Thanks for stopping bye!

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