304 Miles

Before we could actually start on our 304 miles the trailer had to be jiggered around inside. It was too heavy in the front, so all the guys unloaded and packed the trailer starting before it got light.

While this was going on the girls got the babies fed. Then Heather took our car to make one last run to the house and to pick up their dog, Bogart. Linda, the other grandma, and I bathed the girls and we all helped entertain them.

After getting the trailer repacked Grandpa was resting in the lobby with Alice.

David and I took the run about, our car, to Arby’s to get lunch for everyone. fAter lunch we loaded up and left the hotel at 1.

We were in the lead with the Subaru, so we could let everyone know if there were any problems ahead. Second was Dan, Heather and the girls in their Excursion and 32 foot trailer. Third was Linda in the Dodge Caravan pulling the old Bug. Last but not least was Jim in his BMW SUV with the travel trailer in tow.

We were finally on the road. Then at the Palmer cut off the Diaper Pail Kids, that is what we name Heather and Dan for our walkie talkies, called and no one had seen the Jim, the other grandpa, bringing up the rear. They called him and it went straight to voice mail. We then turned around and soon as we started back we saw him not far behind. The only problem then was that we had to go at least 5 miles to get to the Knik River exit to turnback around. I felt like we were on a cattle drive and we were herding the cows. Most of the time we were the scout though.

We pulled over on top of a hill and got some photos while we waited and watched them drive up the hill.

As we saw them come around the last curve we jumped to take the lead again. We stopped and again to take some more photos and had to run to get in the car to stay ahead of them. They were catching up faster than we thought. The next photo op they passed us and then we had to pass all of them to get back in front.

The flat old hippies are moving too.

When we hit snow when we went over Eureka Summit and Sheep Mountain.

I noticed that as we were going through some of this that the Bug was fishtailing but not the van.

Next stop was Glenallen to gas up and grab some food. We got there at 5. We paid $3.50 compared to the $3.12 we paid in Eagle River.

Well they figured out that you need to tie off the steering wheel because the Bug was free wheeling. I thought everyone knew that was necessary when pulling a standard vehicle not on a car dolly. Oh well, it got sorted and we headed out at 6:20. Only 138 miles to Tok now and our hotel.

The Tok cutoff was pretty bumpy so it was a little slow going at times. If it was real bad David would turn on his flashers to warn Dan. I would call them on the walkie too.

It was getting dark now as we drove down mostly unpaved road to Tok. The northern lights were out to tell us goodbye. It was so nice.

We shot ahead about 10 miles out to check out the parking at Young’s Motel.


Heather had booked all our rooms, so we waited for them to pull in. They were not far behind. We went in and they gave us our key. Heather was still in the car and I went to tell her. I was wondering why she was still in the car because her door was opened. Well Bogart, their dog, had jumped over the back seat was all over the babies and everything else there. Some how he had managed to loose Heather’s wallet. We ended up pulling all the bags out on the floor board as poor Bekka cried because Bogart had jumped on her. Of course, it was in the last bag.

We were finally into our room by 9:30. We were beat and went straight to bed.

Today was a learning day. We found out how far and walkies would work, around 2 miles. We figured out how fast the other rigs could go. Dan was actually going a lot faster than we thought he could. Some places he was up to 55mph. The day was a little trying but I think by the end of the trip the Montgomery/Crewdson Caravan will being running smooth.

Tomorrow we plan to drive 290 miles to Haines Junction, Yukon. Well I guess I mean today because I was to tired to blog last night. I think things will go a lot smoother today. That is if they don’t make us unload our trailer at the border crossing. I have never seen one unloaded there, so I’m not too worried.

Well thanks for stopping bye!

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