Good Bye Alaska

Today was kind of a sad day but also a happy day. I am saying good bye to my home where I raised my 5 children but we are starting a new adventure.

We started the day out by watching a couple adorable little girls, so Mommy and Daddy could load the car.

We left the hotel and headed across the road to gas up before saying good bye to Alaska and hello to Canada. The gas was $3.34 a gallon. This will be the last US gas for a while.

The Flat Ole Hippies have come to make the move with us. Here they are driving down the road.

We made it to the border crossing. Heather and Dan went first. Everything went very smooth. We gained an hour so it is now 1:48pm. Heather had to go in to fill out paperwork on her rifle she was carrying through Canada and pay them $25.

I was dreaming of breakfast at Buckshot Betty’s but sadly it was closed and we had to eat at 1202 Motor Inn just some soup and sandwich. We didn’t leave there until 4:45.

Some photos I took today.

Our next stop for the night is in Haines question which is 290 miles from Tok. We arrived at the Alcan Motor Inn at 9. We were tired and the internet wouldn’t let me on so off to bed we went.

A question I asked myself last night after we saw a female caribou and her baby. What do they call them? A moose is a cow and calf and a deer is a doe and fawn. Where does the caribou fit in? I did a little research and found out that you can call a female caribou a cow or a doe but it is really correct to call it a cow. The baby is a calf.

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