Have you noticed that all hotel/motelS have the fast internet? Well I think they all lie. I have been unable to do my blogging because of all the fast Wifi. I have not had good internet since we left Tok. First night we couldn’t even get on, the next night you could very slowly get on if you were lucky, then we had the one where you could not upload photos because it was so slow and the place we are now is the best so far, it just takes a long time to get photos uploaded. Hopefully I will get to catch up tonight.

We helped with the girls again this morning. Bekka learned to say bellybutton. She said it just plain as day. We were telling everyone how good she said it at lunch and when she repeated it Kate decided she should say it too because everyone laughed at Bekka. They are so funny.

It was a beautiful sunrise in Haines Junction.

We gassed up. The price was $1.47 a liter. It cost us $68.41 in Canadian to fill our car. We are on the road by 9:30.

I just thought that this was a cool painting on this building.

The Flat Ole Hippies are still going strong.

Photos I took on the way to Whitehorse.

As you can tell I was having fun shooting the sun in the clouds.

When we got to Whitehorse it was time for some lunch. We had our first real meal at a great Chinese place at a FastGas it was 11:30. The food was really good there.

Dan decided he better get a spare for his trailer. While they did that we shot on to our favorite brewery, Winterlong. We found it several years ago when it was just starting up. We always stop and pick up some beer.

If you are ever in the area you should stop by Winterlong Brewery. We were there long enough to drink a beer and buy $114.13 Canadian of beer. They had way more to choose from than when we stopped this summer coming home from Texas.


We then went to wait for the rest of the Montgomery/Crewdson Caravan at the highway. We didn’t have to wait very long before they caught up with us.

David and I stopped for a photo op at Teslin Lake.

Stopped in Teslin for gas. David didn’t gas up because he said he had enough to get to Watson Lake. We were all getting ready to leave when Heather noticed a stink in the back seat. Time to change a little girl.

Off we go to Watson Lake with clean bottoms and happy girls.

The gas light came on before the Cassair Hwy cut off. The corner gas station at the cut off would be open because it used to be you had to stop here to check if the Cassiar was open. It saves you about a hundred miles if you are heading to Washington. I guess now that there is a fancy lighted sign letting you know if the road is open the gas station no longer has to stay open. Gas can be a little tricky sometimes in the winter because so many places are only open in the summer.

David always figures he has at least 30 miles after the light comes on, we went well we over the 30 now. Now we have to make it to Watson Lake. I am now saying prayers to make it and for me not to lose it with David for not filling up. Dan informs us that he does have a can of gas. That makes me feel better about making it but not about David. We finally make it to the first station open in Watson Lake. David figured we went almost 60 miles with the light on. I don’t want to try that again.

Gas was $1.39 a liter, the car needed 59.985 liters which cost us $83.92 Canadian.

Well after 304 miles we have made it to Watson Lake and the Big Horn Hotel.


We started to go to a restaurant that was named the Nugget, another Chinese place. We decided not Chinese again and we went to the café at the hotel next door to us.

After dinner we got together to plan the next day. Then everyone went back to their rooms and I once again tried to get some blogging done but crappy internet here too.

Thanks for stopping by!

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