Spectacular Sunset

We ate breakfast at the hotel before we headed out. This morning was a good breakfast with waffles, eggs and bacon. That should hold us over for a little while.

Started my day out with a couple cute girls who I bathed while Mommy and Daddy packed up. We even got a little pony on the top of Kate’s head. She finally has enough to put up.

We gassed up where gas was $1.27, so it cost $57 Canadian to fill our rig. I am glad we aren’t driving our truck. We would be stopping every 100 miles to fill up.

After we filled up Dan and Heather had to deal with the signing of the paperwork for the new house in York. Now we really do have a place to live.

We were doing pretty good today. We stopped for a pee break and Heather made sandwiches for lunch. We never saw Jim and Linda again until we were in Whitecourt. They actually got there before us. I think Linda got stuck on the ice in the parking lot we stopped at.

We stopped at a general store to go to the bathroom and let the girls get out a little to walk around. Heather went to the bathroom and left me and Dan in charge of the girls. Bekka decided to walk on the ice which led to her falling and getting back up. After about the third time she decided it hurt. I tell you she is the only kid I know that can get grass stains on her tights in the snow. Kate then decided she would try walking on the ice and ended up on her nose. Mom came back to both girls crying and Dad and Oma laughing. Kate was so mad at Mom for leaving us with them that she wouldn’t even talk to Mommy. It was really funny.

There was a beautiful sunset I just couldn’t stop taking photos of as we drove on.

We traveled on and I got one last look at the sunset.

We arrived at our Super 8 at 8:30 but we lost another hour somewhere. We now have lost 2 hours.

David had to go get dinner for everyone because there was no restaurant at the hotel. We all ate in the breakfast area.

Heather told me that Kate took her rubber band out of her hair and Becca tried really hard to put it in her hair.

It was a good day of driving.

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