Wreck and Over Weight

Started my morning out playing with the girls, so Mom could pack while Dad worked on trailer.

I tell you they make us laugh so much. Some of the things they do.

We were gassing up by 9:45 in Whitecourt. Gas was $1.01 a liter. It took 50.8 liters to fill our car costing $51.82 Canadian. We were out of there by 10.

The Flat Ole Hippies are enjoying the wonderful morning.

The sunrise was so pretty this morning I couldn’t stop taking photos. I don’t think they turned out too bad, since I did take them from a moving vehicle. I mean a real moving vehicle not 15 to 30 miles an hour. We were actually going 55 to 60.

Dan decides to take rte. 757 to totally bypass Edmonton. We hit the cut off at 10:50. We are really making some time until we turned on to the road and the first thing we see is a weight restriction for the bridge of 5 tons. We stop and all the men get out and discuss knowing that we are well over 5 tons more like 10 tons. They decide they are not going to chance it and head on to Edmonton.

First we have Jim backing the trailer up.

But wait there is Jim and Dan and no Linda who was in between the 2 other rigs pulling the Bug. Oh but she was smart. She was light so she could go over the bridge and find a place to turn around. Good thinking Linda!

Now it is time for Dan to turn his 32 foot trailer around.

David and I were so impressed with Dan. He has not had much experience with backing this big trailer and he did it in one shot.

So off we go to Edmonton.

Now we see a purple sign on the road. We have never seen one like this before. What does it mean? Oh it is an emergency situation. There was a semi that I guess kind of rolled off the road. There were several large tow trucks.

At 12:45 Dan stopped to check the tires on the trailer outside of Edmonton. We all drove on the shoulder with the flashers on until we got to the next exit. We found a parking lot where Dan could try to figure out what was wrong with the tires. Why were they bowing outward? He decided to try to find someone to look at it.

We ate at Tim Horton’s while Dan tried to find someone. After several calls he was referred to another number that referred him to the one we needed. He said come on to Leduc and we will check it out.

Off we went to find Black Dog Oilfield Services in Leduc. We got there at 3 and they had Dan in right away.

The conclusion was there was way too much weight for it. The mechanic was thinking like 15 tons in it. We could buy another axle which was really spendy and might still not be enough to carry the load, we can lighten our load by donating stuff to a charity or we could rent a U Haul to carry the extra weight and David would drive it.

We decided we would just get a hotel here and try to figure it out. Dan thought we could rent a storage unit for a month. We could then unload half the stuff in it and finish our trip to York. Then after unloading the trailer in York David and Dan would come back to get the rest of the stuff. So tomorrow morning they guys and Heather will go rent a storage unit and unload some stuff.

Be sure to read tomorrow to see what happens next.

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