Making Time

We started our day once again with Bekka and Kate. They were helping Granpa with the luggage.

Bekka is more involved with playing with Alice’s leash than eating her apple. Kate then managed to get both of theirs.

Dan had said we were going to leave at 9 but we were running a little late it was more like 9:45. This is us as we are getting ready to head out.

Can you guess what this is?

I bet no one guessed it.

It is the side of our trailer. I think it looks like mountains.

We are traveling to Lethbridge today around 300 miles again. Now with the trailer only having half the weight we started making some good time. Of course, we are on some better roads. Well except when Dan’s GPS takes the wrong way when we pulled off for gas. We were back on a gravel road and the Flat Ole Hippies had to check out what all the bumping was.

It was just a sightseeing tour I think.

We were traveling through a lot of ranch land. We saw these cows all lined up. It looked so strange I had to get a photo. I am sure the rancher must have just put some breakfast out for them.

Not a lot of photo ops today but a beautiful day on the road. We are bringing up the rear end now. We have a walkie and Dan has the other, so we can keep track of everyone. We did seem to be leaving some people behind, like Dan’s parents, Jim and Linda. I know we left them in a parking lot when Linda got stuck on the ice. Dan just figured they were doing their own thing. Kids! Anyway we can keep all of us together now. No man left behind!

We made such great time that we were in Lethbridge before dark. In fact, I believe it was 4:30. The only problem was that Jim was falling behind again and we were behind him but talking to Dan on the walkie. They told us where to go and the next thing I know Jim is taking an exit. I contact Dan and he says his GPS must be telling him a different way, so just keep following us. So once again we have lost someone. Jim did make it to the hotel though. It turned out he needed to find a gas station and turned off for the city center for his best chance.

Life was good until the hotel. Heather had booked 3 pet friendly rooms at the Super8 on They were actually supposed to be efficiency apartments. Well I guess they only had 1 available, so they moved us to the EconoLodge who had 3 pet friendly rooms. We got all checked in. David and I went to our room and there was no way that they were going to get 2 port a cribs in the room and still have room to walk. They went in their room to see if it was any better but soon as we opened the door we could smell the smoke. It was supposed to be a non smoking room. I told Heather we would change rooms because we didn’t want the girls sleeping in that room. They had a suite but it was not pet friendly. We told the kids we would keep Bogart with us because he was used to staying with Alice. We take care of each other’s dogs when we go places we can’t take them. So it all worked out well. Actually, it worked out great because Alice didn’t bark since she had Bogart with her when we left.

Luigi’s Steak House was just across the road. Dan had taken the girls wagon out to haul stuff to there room, so that made it easy to take them over the road. We had a wonderful meal. If you are ever in Lethbridge check it out.

Luigi’s Steakhouse – Lethbridge, Canada

After dinner we walked across the road to Dairy Queen for dessert and then back to our room. All of us stuffed to the gills and ready for a quiet night. David and I turned the TV on for the first time and watched the end of the second Hunger Games.

It was a good day even though Heather was stressed out about the hotel but it all worked out in the end.

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