Old Friends and the USA

We started the day with our beautiful granddaughters. The other grandma, Linda, came to hang out with us too.

We are setting off a little later today because we just have a little way to go because we are stopping in Great Falls, Montana to visit some old friends.

David got some photos of all our vehicles before we left the hotel.

We left around 10:50 and headed to Del Benito border crossing. We were going to cross at Sweetgrass which is a major crossing but our friend, Steve, told us to come across here instead. He said it would be a lot faster, so we took his advice.

The Flat Ole Hippies were enjoying the sunshine and warmth of the windshield.

I am getting pretty good at taking photos as we drive down the road.

We made it too the border crossing in Del Benito.

I guess the border guard asked Heather and Dan tons of questions and made Heather take off her glasses. Linda was next. She was up there for quite a while. They made her take off her sun glasses too. The guard was getting a little picky with Linda’s vehicle because it still had paper plates. Dan had just traded in the old van for a newer one and the plates had not come in yet. She finally let Linda through. Then was Jim. She asked Jim if he was driving his own car which he was. Then asked him if he knew what was in the travel trailer and he said no. She said why don’t you know and he replied, “My daughter in law packed it and I trust her. If you would like I can walk up there and ask her?” At that she let him through. We drove up and she said, “Oh you are the ladder carrier.” She then asked us all the regular questions like do you have pot, alcohol, wood, meat, fruit, or wild animal parts like antlers and such. To which we replied no. She noticed Alice, which who wouldn’t notice a 102 pound dog in the back of a 2000 Subaru Outback, and just said what a pretty old girl she was. Off we went. We were all through by 12:20.

Does beer count as alcohol? I guess not because after we got through the border we remembered there was a box of beer which we had all been drinking out of in our back right by the window. We thought well it probably had the label on the other side.

Winterlong Brewery in Whitehorse, Canada

No the label was right there looking at the guard through the window. I did see her looking right at it. I guess we look like good guys, so she let us in anyway.

Next stop was going to be in Great Falls to visit Heather’s other parents when she was growing up and one of my best friends ever.

David and I did have to stop for gas in Cut Bank. He didn’t fill up in Canada when everyone else did because he knew we could get it cheaper in the US. We stopped in Cut Bank, Montana where gas was $2.71 a gallon. It cost us $36.55. The gas light had come on once again but luckily we didn’t have far to go for gas. We headed out at 1:24 to catch the rest of the caravan. We could even go the speed limit, since we were not following them.

More driving photos on the way there with windmills. I love to see all the places that I have found windmills. In Liverpool, England they are in the Mersey River and you will see the ships waiting out by them for the tide to come in so they can come into port.

We got to Steve and Nancy’s where we were fed fried chicken and the fixings. Heather and Jared, my oldest son, were best friends with two of their children, Sara and Shane. Sara lives in Utah so we didn’t get to see her but Shane was there. Everyone else was visiting and Nancy and I kind of just visited between us. We did have 27 years to catch up with. It was so good to see them. It was like Nancy and I had never been away from each other. We all promised not to wait 27 years again now that we would be a little closer. We all wanted to go see the leaves in the fall in Vermont, so maybe we will get together for that. It is so nice to have a friend like that.

I hope you are enjoying our trip. I know we are.

Thanks for stopping by!

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